ELECTIONS 2023: Know Your Candidate – Profile Of Robert Franz Morris

Another candidate who is optimistic of becoming Liberia’s next president during the October 10, 2023 general and presidential elections is Robert Franz Morris, who has noted that it is his humble pleasure to put his name in the pot for these elections as an independent candidate.

He said along with his name on the ballot, will be the hopes and dreams of all Liberians, stressing that he cannot do this alone, craving for the support of all Liberians, and further appealed to potential voters to save Liberia through their decisions at the ballot box this October.

On his social media page, Candidate Morris said his vision is to provide world class education for all, well-organized and maintained infrastructure, reliable and affordable health care, high-yield agricultural production, a thriving private sector, and good governance, and further noted that that Liberians can make a U-turn, saying it rests in the hands of the young people.

Born and raised in Margibi County, Robert Morris is the Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Services, a construction contracting, home building and real estate development firm located in Disco Hill, Liberia.

Mr. Morris served as Deputy Managing Director for Administration of the Liberia Airport Authority (LAA)/Roberts International Airport, where he led the effort to upgrade the runway, constructed a new terminal building, installed new lighting and a state-of-the-art instrument landing system.

As the Operations Supervisor for US Airways and Piedmont Airlines at Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C., Morris supervised a staff of 100 employees, oversaw compliance with annual operating budgets and cost controls, ensured compliance with airport security requirements, and fostered communications with the Federal Aviation Authority, Transportation Security Administration, the Department of Transportation and National Transportation Safety Board.

While working on his college degree at the University of Maryland, Morris Founded the Uplift Foundation to aid refugees displaced by Liberia’s civil wars. He enlisted the help of the United Nations, raised funds in the United States to aid the effort and partnered with the Women of Liberia Peace Network. Thanks to his efforts, refugees were provided food, shelter and schooling for their children. He was a participant in the peace talks in Accra, Ghana that brought an end to the civil war in 2003.

Long active in charitable causes, Morris is a volunteer teacher, mentor, and serves as a counselor for impoverished children. He and his wife, Dr. Laurene Morris are the parents of two sons.

Speaking with a local newspaper in Monrovia about his plan for the presidency, Morris said “Our nation needs saving, and the young people are the only ones who can save Liberia.”  He cautioned Liberians that the fight and survivability of Liberia rest on the decision of the people.

Morris stated that if Liberians cannot fight to save their nation, the people and the children will not have any nation to call their own in the nearest future.

He pleaded with Liberians to see how far they have gone as a country and look to the future which will be determined in the crucial October elections, and said to change Liberia only requires a leader with vision and understanding that is being practicalized into realities.

The Independent Presidential Candidate in the October 10, 2023, also cited improving every sector of the country, including the revamping of the education and health sectors as some of the practical steps leaders must take, and also noted the improvement of the livelihoods of the people, creating jobs, and empowering the youths, women and children.

According to Mr. Morris, one of the major problems facing the country is acute poverty, despite infrastructure developments and human resources potential.

“If you go around some, you can see our people are suffering, no jobs for our young people, majority of them are now engaged into bad habits, turning into disadvantaged youths,” he lamented.

“If you go to the hospitals, no better health facility, our patients are being transferred to neighboring countries for survival,” he told Liberians via his interview with a local daily early this year.

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