Dr. Hart Recounts Civil War Nightmare, Dedicates Birthday In Memories  Of Victims

Dr. Jonathan Minagogo Hart, a Liberian medical doctor furthering his medical study in Cardiothoracic Surgery (Heart, Lungs and diseases of the chest) in Ethiopia

In a social media post, a Liberian  medical doctor studying Cardiothoracic Surgery, Dr. Jonathan Minagogo Hart has recounted his country’s brutal and senseless civil war, noting that  ‘There is a deadly and brutal part of the Liberian Civil war that has never been told or discussed in public but thousands are still living with the trauma of such;

A situation wherein thousands of innocent persons, who committed no crimes, were killed only because they were citizens of different Countries;

An event that the world needs to know and that ECOWAS must take full responsibility for and compensate the families of the victims.

During the 1990, when ECOWAS sent troops to protect Monrovia and the falling Government of former President Doe, thousands of its citizens were arrest, detained in unfavorable conditions, tortured and murdered in all forms of inhuman styles yet, the Governments of the ECOWAS ignored their citizens thereby leaving their fate in the hands of the rebels who had no values for lives.

These are acts of irresponsible governments who have no value for their citizens and don’t care about the safety of their people. It’s about time we begin to hold our governments responsible and accountable for the safety and lives of the people.

In this regard, I dedicate my BIRTHDAY to the memories of the victims of these crimes, including my late parents, and commit the next decade of my life to bring justice to the survivals and families of those murdered in cold blood.

Flash Back: Charles Taylor and his armed men carrying an injured victims in August 1990 (Photo credit: Black Post)

I’m going to work with the survivors and families of the victims as well as international lawyers in taking ECOWAS to a court of arbitrary for acts of negligence and disregard for its responsibilities and facilitation of the murder of its citizens.

My spirit has found no peace nor rest for the past 32 years and I’ve mourned the death of my parents, with deep pains, since that horrible day when, before my eyes, knives were put on their necks to take away their lives and the perpetrators celebrated while we, the family members, looked on but couldn’t say a world nor cry because of the fears of our lives.

There can be not peace without justice and everyone must be held accountable for his/her actions and now is the time that we, the survivors and families of the victims who couldn’t speak at that time and had no one to speak on our behalf, come out and speak and seek justice,’ Dr. Hart in his post that marks his birthday noted

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