Weekend Happenings: The Ugandan Man Who Turned Into A Woman On His Wedding Day

The mystery of this world will never come to an end. While telling her story, Miss Muyangu said she slept as a man, but when waking up, she turned into a woman.

“This girl and I had fallen in love and were planning a wedding, but after some miscommunications we decided to part ways,” she said.

Her warning that she would bewitch me came shortly after I had rejected her. She went to the witch doctors and enchanted me with their spells.

During sleep, I was a male, and when I awoke, I was transformed into a female. As proof, I can take you to meet with the girl who did the deed if you so desire. It’s a well-known story around here, “she began.

Upon awakening, he went to her mother, who inquired as to whether or not he was hallucinating. A group of intercessors was called in to pray for him, but nothing changed.

Therefore, she was forced to transition from man to woman by putting on girl’s clothes, applying make-up, and wearing bras. She says he’s no longer ashamed of it and dresses like a woman everywhere he goes now, she says.

Prior to the witchcraft, he had no braces, but now he has developed braces as a result of the witchcraft. It’s important to note, however, that her gender is dependent on the activity of a single woman.

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