Deputy Speaker Fonati Koffa Vehemently Rejects Reckless, Unsubstantiated Allegations That He Manipulated Electoral Workers In Grand Kru

The Office of the Deputy Speaker and re-elected Representative of Grand Kru County District #2, Hon. Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa vehemently rejects the wild, reckless, and unsubstantiated allegations that while in Grand Kru County to campaign for the reelection of President George M. Weah in the Presidential runoff, he manipulated electoral workers to stuff pre-marked ballots in various polling stations with the help of Presiding Officers (POs).

The Office of the Deputy Speaker describes such baseless and egregious claims as a tapestry of conspiracies weaved by vicious elements who are hellbent on scandalizing the reputation of the Deputy Speaker merely on malicious political motives.

The Office of the Deputy Speaker vividly recalls that upon the declaration of the runoff campaign by NEC, the Deputy Speaker flew to Grand Kru County with bundles of  “Know Your Candidate Sample Ballot” issued by NEC, to educate voters in his district. Supporters of both sides in the campaign widely traveled across the country to educate voters on the location of their candidates on the ballot paper and how to mark the box adjacent to the photos of the candidates of their choice.

Hon. Koffa was openly seen in public places in his district interacting with and providing education to voters on how to cast their ballot, to avoid invalid ballots–just as supporters on the other side of the political divide did across the country.

The Deputy Speaker is shocked to hear that he has been linked to voting fraud through the stuffing of pre-marked ballots when he had never seen nor ever possessed the pre-marked ballots being referenced. He considers it astonishing how educating voters in Grand Kru County on how to vote, a lawful civic responsibility, would amount to “stuffing ballots”.

The Office of the Deputy Speaker would like to inform the general public that this is nothing more than a callous machination designed and targeted at Hon. Koffa ahead of the Speaker race in which he is a potential contender.

We wish to state for the record that Hon. Koffa, as an erudite lawyer and a moderate politician, has a reputation deeply rooted in transparency, accountability, and nobility. He is a paragon of democracy, a consensus builder, a peaceful character, a friend of all, enemy to none, who will do nothing to undermine free, fair, and transparent elections and jeopardize the hard-earned peace of Liberia people.

The Deputy Speaker would like to encourage those seeking to challenge him in the impending Speaker race to come clear and plain rather than engaging in rash character assassination that will die as they are hashed.

Meanwhile, Deputy Speaker Koffa would like to congratulate President-elect Amb.  Joseph Nyuma Boakai on his win in the country’s presidential election and wish him all the best in his service to our nation.

At the same time, Hon. Koffa congratulates President George Manneh Weah on being a true democrat who has demonstrated mature leadership at a defining moment in our country’s history. The grace with which he conceded defeat is legendary and it testifies to the fact that President Weah is a true patriot and man of peace

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