Culprits In ‘Missing Billions’ Report Will Get Due Process – Says Liberian President

FLASH BACK: Liberian President George Weah speaks during a soccer event in Jerusalem on February 27, 2019. (Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash90)

President George Manneh Weah has assured that all those implicated in the alleged missing billions report will be given due process as enshrined in the Constitution of Liberia.

“Those who have done something wrong will go through the due process and when everything is over, I hope that Liberia will be in peace. No more going to the street trying to rally for L$16 billion,” Dr. Weah noted.

Last Thursday, the Presidential Investigation Team (PIT) which was commissioned by President Weah to probe the mission billion saga, reported that “no L$16 billion was missing,” but cited a trail of discrepancies leading to the printing, shipment and delivery of the nation’s banknotes.

Following the presentation of the report by PIT as well as a subsequent one from Kroll, a USAID-hired UK-based financial investigative firm, the Government of Liberia through the Liberia National Police moved in to arrest Deputy Central Bank Governor Charles Sirleaf, and Director of Banking, Dorbor Hagba

Former CBL Governor Milton Weeks later joined the pair at the police headquarters after he was called-in to also answer questions surrounding the alleged discrepancies leading to the printing and shipment of the banknotes.

President Weah, who spoke at the Roberts International Airport upon his return from Israel on Sunday, assured Liberians and the international community that those found culpable in the report will go through the due process as stated in the laws of Liberia.

“We want people to know that we are transparent and PIT and Kroll were able to make that determination into what really went wrong. I hope Liberians are now happy that there was no L$16 billion missing,” President Weah said.

He hoped that after the process, Liberians will no longer take to the streets to agitate for something that does not exist, adding: “I hope that Liberia will be in peace. No more going to the street trying to rally for L$16 billion.”

The Chief Executive noted that he ascended to the Presidency with the mindset of maintaining the peace and stability of Liberia, adding that he wants to keep Liberia peaceful and help to develop the country.

“I hope we all share the same idea, because Liberia has suffered a lot and we need to focus on developing and building the economy of the country,” President Weah said.


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