Raymond K. Zarbay, Chairman, National Campaign Team of Julius Kanubah

Crisis At PUL Deepens, As Team Kanubah Warns Against Transactions With ‘Clique’

Raymond K. Zarbay, Chairman, National Campaign Team of Julius Kanubah

The National Campaign Management Team of Julius Kanubah for the presidency of the Press Union of Liberia believes it is evidently clear no clique of fraudsters can hijack power at the PUL without resistance.

A press release issued last Sunday, July 16. 2023 and signed by Raymond K. Zarbay, Chairman, National Campaign Team, Julius Kanubah for PUL Presidency says Team Kanubah is particularly thankful the overwhelming majority of the PUL membership continues to turn their backs on the illegal occupiers of the PUL leadership.

The release states that the democratic action to overwhelmingly reject the invitation of the rogue elements at the PUL, Team Kanubah asserts, demonstrates that it is not possible for anyone to force their way to power through fraud.

“In this light, Team Kanubah is cautioning the public, national and international organizations such as Internews and USAID that it is extremely risky to do business with individuals claiming to be PUL leaders,” the release notes.

Adding, “The warning is against the backdrop of a press release by Akoi Baysah who together with Daniel Nyakonah stage-managed their own elevation in Acting leadership roles at the PUL. This is in spite of the fact their three-year tenure expired in November 2022 and they had applied as candidates in the PUL elections.”

Further, the release indicates a Court Stay Order remains in force on all activities of the PUL vis-à-vis the failed and erstwhile administration of Charles Coffey, Daniel Nyakonah, Musa Kenneh and Akoi Baysah.

“That both Nyakonah and Baysah will continue to disrespect the Court Order while the PUL case is before the Supreme Court shows their attitude towards leadership and the rule of law.”

Team Kanubah stresses it is even more ridiculous and comical that Nyakonah and Baysah will convene an illegitimate meeting involving the same old faces of their handful of die-hards to declare legitimacy on them by fiat.

Moreover, Team Kanubah describes as laughable the statement by Nyakonah and Baysah that Charles Coffey and Musa Kenneh have resigned from the PUL as President and Secretary General, respectively.

For the record, it cannot be true that Coffey and Kenneh resigned from the PUL because their three-year mandate expired since the second week of November 2022; even though they refused to leave until being exposed and repeatedly pressured by Team Kanubah to do so, the release says.

Team Kanubah reminds Nyakonah and Baysah that their continuing action to impersonate as leaders of the PUL shows a lack of integrity and that they will be judged by the PUL membership and larger society.

Meanwhile, Team Kanubah is concluding consultations in light of an impending decision by the US Government through its international development aid agency (USAID) to stop funding the project activities of the PUL via Internews, which is implementing the US$11–million USAID Media Activity.

The looming action is a result of the unresolved dispute growing out of the PUL controversial November 2022 Congress and elections, which were held at mid-night and based on a fraudulent Full Membership Register (voter roll); thereby, exposing the PUL to much public ridicule.

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