Criminal Court ‘A’ judge Roosevelt Willie Reportedly Releases Woman From Serving Prison Term

By Dyujay Jackson*

Judge Roosevelt Willie

Criminal Court “A” at the Temple of Justice on Capitol Hill has reportedly released a woman identified as Neejay Kpayou who attended selling her one year old daughter in the Tokpa Town Community.

Convict Kpayou, during the court trail pleaded guilty of the crime trafficking in Human person and thereafter prayed the court, and the government of Liberia and her family for forgiveness.

Our judicial correspondent said the convict Neejay Kpayou was released based on a plea bargaining agreement made and signed on December 2, 2021, between the parties.

Judge Roosevelt Willie in his ruling dated  January 12,2022 stated that on Tuesday July 6,2021 convert Kpayou made an arrangement with the proprietress of a drug store identified as Sarah K. Gonlewon,  that she was selling her one year ago child

The judge ruling revealed that Madam Kpayou told investigators that she was faced with extreme social challenges.

Predicted upon the information from Madam Neejay Kpayou to Madam Sarah K Gonlewon she immediately contacted the Ministry of justice which resulted to the arrest of Kpayou investigated charge for the crime of Trafficking in Human person.

The criminal court A judge Roosevelt Willie further quoted madam Kpayou that she also wanted to sell the child because of extreme poverty since the child father neglected to support them.

The resident judge of the circuit court spelled  out several condition and recommendation for convert Neejay Kpayou.

In his ruling judge Willie first held the defendant liable for the crime trafficking in Human person and she was to be sentence for one year imprisonment which she has been released off.

He also recommend that the defendant attend six months of counseling sessions at any recognize social counseling institution, among others.

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