LIBERIA: Police Commander For Crime Services Accuses Defense Lawyer In murder Case

By Dyujay Jackson*

Defendant Chris Karpeh

The states lawyers third witness in the ongoing alleged murder case involving defendant Chris Karpeh at criminal court  “A”  has  accused Cllr. Sennay Cartorn from the public defender office of been the one called upon to represent the defendant during his time in police detention.

The commander for crime services at the Liberia National Police Mr Jerry Wymah told the court when he took the witness stand to testify said during police investigation his office place a formal communication to the public defender office and Cllr. Cartorn was sent to present the defendant before his  statement was taken.

“ You were the Counselor that was sent  to represent suspect Chris Karpeh,but when you came on the scene and after are have explain to you ,you then said that the crime Is a difficult situation that the suspect will use axe to stuck his friend. In that light you disembark and said you couldn’t represent him any longer.” Commander Wymah explain.

But when ask by the police commander for crime services at the Liberia National Police Mr. Wymah as to whether he has documents to prove his allegations against Cllr. Cartorn he then said no.

He told the court that at time what his office normally does is that in such situations they can inform the public defender office through a verbal communication or written once.

Judge Willie then ask the state lawyer third witness as to whether after the counselor refuse to represent the suspect what was their next course of action? He then said the refusal of the defense lawyer clearly speaks to the fact that he and the suspect have already interacted .

Investigation findings…

But the  Police commander for crime services narrating  his investigation findings said   ,before the accident that led to the death of victim Shadrick George Weah a  confusion ensue between the victim mother Christiana Karpeh and Defendant Chris Karpeh which  was later resolved by community dwellers.

“The victim Shadrick George Weah was sitting under a coconut tree playing with a boy when suspect Chris Karpeh enter his house took an axe and hit the victim at the back of his head. “ Commander Jerry Wymah said.

Commander Wymah added that after suspect Chris Karpeh committed the alleged actions he then left the bailiwick of Montserrado county and went to Grand Gedeh county where he was later arrested by members of the LNP after his photos was posted and declare unwanted.

According to him following sometimes the victim Shadrick George Weah was taken to a local clinic in the New Kru town community point four area his condition begin to get worse, that was how he was transferred to the redemption hospital for proper treatment there where he met his Demas .

The LNP crime services department boss Maintain that during police investigation suspect Chris Karpeh told investigators that he use the axe in self defense that was how he was crime for murder and sent to court.

When verify te axe as murder weapon in oepn court Wednesday, the boss chief investigator asserted that it was the weapon use by the defendant.

Commenting on Marital rights been use by police during Investigation, the police chief investigator Jerry Wymah said it is right been use to have the suspect silence, turn over to his or her lawyers, make three phones calls among others.

Meanwhile the defense lawyer from the public defender office Cllr Sammy Cartorn Denali been called by the LNP officers to defense the suspect before taken his statement, Terming it’s as false and misleading..

The criminal court A judge Roosevelt Willie has suspended the matter to be continued on Thursday at the hour of 10:00 am.

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