Court Summons Golden Veroleum For Failure To Settle US$643,005 Debt To Tropical Logistics

Mr. Francis Juwle Erbynn, Managing Director of Tropical Logistics

For the failure of Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) to settle its debt obligation of over US$643,000.00 to the a Liberian owned company, the Tropical Logistics Liberia, Inc. for services rendered, the Commercial Court at the Temple of Justice has issued a writ of summon to GVL to answer to allegation leveled against it.

According to the writ of summon entitled: Action of Deb before Her Honor Chief Judge Eva Mappy Morgan of the Commercial Court of Liberia legally noted, “You are hereby requested to issue a writ of summon on the defendant to file its answer or formal appearance on or before January 2018 and that upon their failure to appear, judgment will be rendered against them by default.”

Tropical Logistic Liberia, in its lawsuit alleges that sometimes in January 2017, the defendant through its procurement department put up a tender for transport services and the company bided for same and became winner of said tender.

The late James Konneh alias (Pedro Dunbar)

The complainant said pursuant to the fiscal year 2017 transportation service agreement, it performed several tasks for the defendant including transporting assorted materials from Monrovia to other parts of Liberia, made payment for storage of containers, made payment for forklift rental, which sum up to US$643,005.

According to the complainant, after performing the necessary job for the defendant it submitted invoices concerning the above mentioned payments but Golden Veroleum failed and neglected to pay said amount.

Email addressed to the management of GVL after the death of The late James Konneh alias (Pedro Dunbar)

Tropical Logistic said Golden Veroleum became illusive in that it conducted itself in the manner and form and engaged in tactics of dribbling and pushing plaintiff around to avoid paying its money which clearly necessitated this action, as result of the services performed.

The company wants the court to adjudged the defendant liable and cause it to pay the plaintiff the amount of US$643,005 nothing that action of debt will lie to recover the full sum of money owes it given the terms and condition of the agreement and services performed.

The failure of GVL to settle its financial obligation with the Tropical Logistics Incorporated an employee of the company (Tropical Logistics), James Konneh alias (Pedro Dunbar) died in an accident on the job at the site of GVL in Sinoe on 28th September 2017.

According to sources closed to the families of the victim after several appeals for assistance, the Company, GVL deliberately refused to help Tropical logistics with the expenses to cover the burial and compensation of the deceased family.

Details on the legal battle between GVL and Tropical Logistics will be posted in our subsequent news.

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