Court Records Reveal ZTE’s Corruption Scheme in Liberia

By Annie Wu, Epoch Times |

Court documents newly unveiled from a civil lawsuit filed in Dallas, Texas, have revealed how Chinese telecoms giant ZTE bribed Liberian officials to win a contract to provide telecommunication services in the West African nation.

Meanwhile, American software developer Seven Networks has just filed a patent infringement lawsuit against ZTE, also in Texas.

The Dallas lawsuit was first reported on by the Australian Financial Review on May 31.

China’s second-largest telecoms firm is beleaguered by a U.S. ban forbidding American companies from selling tech parts or software to it. ZTE’s main operations have halted as a result. Since then, ZTE has become ensnared in U.S.–China trade negotiations, with the Chinese side pressuring the United States to ease ZTE sanctions in exchange for China buying more American exports.

Reuters reported on June 1 that the United States was seeking a $1.7 billion penalty for ZTE, in addition to “unfettered” inspection visits, before allowing the company to return to business.

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