Veep Howard-Taylor Rallies Support For Education, Health, Energy, Agro In Israel…

VP Taylor and First Lady of Israel

The struggle to ensure the success of Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led government’s “pro-poor” agenda requires that all hands get on deck and Liberia’s first female Vice President Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor is hitting on all cylinders to help President Weah improves the lives of the Liberian people.

In Israel, where she had gone to attend the 30th International Women Leaders Conference organized by MASHAV- Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation, Vice President Howard-Taylor said her participation in the event will pave the way for Liberia to benefit from international cooperation and programs in education, health, electricity and agriculture from the Middle Eastern Country.

VP Taylor and Israeli President

The conference brought together outstanding women from 45 countries is themed – ‘Leading Women Making a Difference’ in Haifa, Israel’s third largest city from May 28-30, 2018.

“It’s a great opportunity to be here again in Israel attending this very significant conference amongst women leaders of the world.  We are learning new skills and technologies that will contribute to the growth and development of Liberia.

This occasion presents a unique opportunity for me to rally more support for our pro-poor agenda and a great possible contribution that can be made in fields where Israel has expertise directly relevant to our country, Liberia. We are hoping to secure cooperation and support in agriculture, early childhood education, community development, health and electricity,” the Liberian Vice President intimated.

VP Taylor and Participants

According to her, these are critical areas that need immediate interventions adding “we believe that once supported would provide employment opportunities for our young population.”

At the end of the conference, Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin hosted Vice President Howard-Taylor along with other the participants of the 30th International Women Leaders Conference. The head of MASHAV, Ambassador Gil Haskel was honored to give the President MASHAV’s 60 Anniversary Book.

The first female Vice President of Liberia also attended SHALVA, an Israeli initiative dedicated to providing transformative care for individuals with disabilities, empowering their families & promoting social inclusion.

Coincidentally, Veep Howard-Taylor has statutory responsibility over the Group of ’77, an organization that caters to physically challenged persons in Liberia.

MASHAV-Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation focuses on human capacity building to empower those living in poverty to improve their own lives.

Vice President Howard-Taylor’s visit to Israel could not come at any better time ten now when the George Weah led administration is biting tooth and nail to resuscitate Liberia’s dangerously challenged health sector with fresh scars of Ebola outbreak; rebound the agriculture sector that is widely viewed as the surest conduit through which the country’s huge number of unemployed citizens can get jobs to improve their lives and energy that would fuel production as regards value addition to engender inclusive and impactful growth.

Political pundits have opined that the Vice President of Liberia’s aggressive engagements with key partners aimed at bringing relief to the poverty stricken people of Liberia is a flight away from the usual ceremonial nature of the post of Vice President the West African country has always had. Thanks to the selfless leadership of President Weah and his team spirit that challenges the first female Vice President to explore unhindered insofar as her work drives the agenda of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

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