Commentary: Why is Southeastern Liberia So Underdeveloped?

By Our Staff Writer

For as long as Liberia became a nation, the people of the southeastern region have featured very prominently in the governance structure of the country. Several heads of state, vice presidents, chief justices and justices, cabinet ministers, ambassadors, heads of autonomous agencies, and more have hailed from this region of Liberia, yet the southeastern region of Liberia remains amongst the most under-developed and poverty-ridden regions of the country.  Even former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf though is said to hail from Bomi County, Liberia, her mother is a native of the southeastern region.  Apart from Monrovia, the capital of Liberia, all other regions that are somehow progressive and developed in the country are not located in the southeast of Liberia.   Even now, the CDC-led government is in southeastern control and dominantly in terms of agency and institutional leadership. Still, road access and access to health, education, and safe drinking water are lacking in the southeast. In Liberia today the entire administration is southeastern-dominated.  Officials of Government from Southeast Liberia. 

Key Executive Branch Posts

George M Weah – President of the Republic

Samuel Tweah – Minister of Finance

Aloysius Tarlue – Executive Governor, Central Bank of Liberia

Nyema Pearson – Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Liberia

Wesseh Blamo – Minister of State for Presidential Affairs

Samuel Wlue – Minister of Transport

Ledgewood Rennie – Minister of Information

Williametta E. Piso Saydee Tarr – Minister of Gender and Social Protection

Thomas Doe Nah – Commissioner General, Liberia Revenue Authority

Edwin Martin – Chairman, Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission

Wilson Tarpeh, Director General, Liberia Environmental Protection Agency

Marcus Solo – Director General, Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency

Lenn Eugene Nagbe – Commissioner General – Liberia Maritime Agency

Alex Dixon – Director of Liberia National Fire Service

Diana Nebo – Managing Director, National Port Authority

Cecelia Cuffy Brown – Managing Director, National Housing Authority

Key Diplomatic / Foreign Service Posts

Isaac Nyenebo – Ambassador to the European Union

HE George Patten – Ambassador to the United States

HE Gurley Gibson – Ambassador to the UK

Blamo Nelson – Liberia Ambassador to Japan

Andrew W. Kronyanh – Liberia Ambassador to Italy

Supreme Court of Liberia

Sie-A-Nyene Gartificial Yuoh – Chief Justice, Republic of Liberia

James Etta Howard Wolokollie – Associate Justice

Associate Justice Joseph N. Nagbe – Associate Justice

Legislature – Senate

Albert Chie – President Pro Temp of Liberia Senate

 Legislature – House of  Representatives

Bhofal Chambers – Speaker of the House of Representative

Fonati Koffa – Deputy Speaker of the House of Representative 

Government Institutions of Higher Learning

Dr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson Jr – President, University of Liberia

Dr. Elliott Wreh Wilson – President, Tubman University

If these people, southeastern leaders, despite all the power and authority they have in terms of the control of governance, cannot help in ensuring that their region is developed, at least with a good road, how can the entirety of Liberia depend on them for the development of the country?  No doubt the southeast region of Liberia produced some of Liberia’s most talented and smart people, but there is something bizarre about their behavior. Primarily, southerners do not seem to like one another, and they do not like their region and people. If they did, the region would have been very developed. Nimba, Bassa, Bong, Lofa, and even Bomi is more developed and advanced than places in the southeast.

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