Smoke and flames billow after Israeli forces struck a high-rise tower in Gaza City. (Source: Reuters)

Classified US intelligence warned of possible Hamas attack on Israel: Report

The US intelligence agency had prepared two reports days ahead of the Hamas offensive last weekend. Both the reports warned of a possible attack on Israel by Hamas, US officials said.

In the weeks leading up to the massive attack by Hamas terrorists on southern Israel, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)’s classified reports warned of a likely escalation in violence, US officials said.

The US intelligence agency had prepared two reports days ahead of the Hamas offensive over the weekend.

The first, dated September 28, warned that Hamas would likely launch rockets towards Israel. The second, dated October 5, was an extension of the first report and also had a general warning of potential violence by Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist group.

The intelligence reports were considered routine and similar to warnings on Palestinian violence published throughout the year. However, these assessments were among the high-level warnings given to the US administration over the years.

According to CNN, just a day before 5,000 rockets were launched towards Israel, US officials circulated reports stating “unusual” activity by Hamas men near the Israeli border.

The second classified report was included in a daily CIA intelligence report was distributed to policymakers and lawmakers in the US, the New York Times reported.

None of the two reports were briefed to President Joe Biden or senior White House officials, the publication quoted US officials as saying. On the condition of anonymity, officials also told the NYT that the CIA did not highlight the reports to White House policymakers as “being of particular significance”.

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