Sheikh Al Moustapha Kouyateh

Amid Mixed Reactions As Who Is In The Lead After October 10 Elections, Presidential Candidate Kouyateh Calls For Calm And Unity

In his ‘Call For Peace’ Message posted on social media, the Presidential Candidate of the Liberia First Movement (LFM), Sheikh Al Moustapha Kouyateh amid mixed reactions as to who is in the lead in the just ended October 10, 2023 is calling on his fellow compatriots to be calm and to exercise restraint and maintain a peaceful environment as the country awaits the final verdict from the National Election Commission.

Below is the full message of Mr. Kouyateh

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow Liberians,

In light of the ongoing election process and the anticipation of the results, I stand before you today, on behalf of the Liberia First Movement, to call for calm and unity. This is a time that requires patience, respect for the democratic process, and a commitment to the will of the Liberian people.

I urge both the ruling party, the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), and the opposition party, the Unity Party (UP), to exercise restraint and maintain a peaceful environment as we await the final verdict from the National Election Commission. It is essential that we allow this independent body to carry out their duties diligently and without interference.

To every political party and its supporters, I implore you to remain calm and composed during this crucial phase. Let us refrain from any actions or statements that could incite division or unrest. Instead, let us demonstrate our commitment to democracy by respecting the will of the Liberian people, regardless of the outcome.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the Liberian people for the immense support they have shown throughout this electoral process. Your participation, enthusiasm, and dedication to shaping the future of our nation are commendable. It is your voice that matters most, and together, we must respect and uphold the democratic principles that form the foundation of our society.

As we eagerly await the official results, let us remember that our strength lies in our unity. Together, we can overcome any challenges that may come our way. Our shared goal should always be the betterment of Liberia, the progress of our people, and the preservation of peace and stability.

I implore every Liberian to exercise patience, to trust in the electoral process, and to allow the National Election Commission to complete their work. We must have faith in the integrity of our institutions and believe in the power of our collective voice.

Thank you once again, my fellow Liberians, for your unwavering support and commitment to a democratic and prosperous Liberia. Let us remain calm, united, and poised as we await the final results.

May God bless Liberia and guide us on the path of peace, progress, and unity.

Thank you.

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