Civil Society Groups Overwhelm Of ADI’s Services Nationwide, Warn Detractors

Mr. Alfred Tugbeh, National Chairman

In furtherance of its fact finding initiatives reference to a purported Civil Society Organization name and styled Civil Society Construction Watch allegation of bad labor practice and implementing contracts without PPCC regulations against ADI Contractors, the Grand Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Liberia, a conglomeration of seven (7) Civil Society groupings has gathered additional facts that substantiates the invalidity of the allegations.

In a press release issued today, April 3, 2018, the group noted, “We wish to state categorically that ADI Contractors has over the years gained enormous experience in the construction industry for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings as well as feeder and rigid pavement roads, etc. ADI Contractors’ wide array of professionalism, skills, qualifications and experience puts the company ahead of their competitors in the construction industry. Therefore, it is highly foolhardy for a rag tag Civil Society Organization calling itself Civil Society Construction Watch to delve into a calculated mischief against a company (ADI) that has contributed immensely to the government of Liberia’s reconstruction drive.

For the record and a testimony to the volume of projects implemented by ADI Contractors, the Grand Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Liberia will use this medium to briefly outline some of these projects (Public and Private) and at the same time throw out a challenge to anybody including the self-styled and purported Civil Society Construction Watch to provide proof that the projects were implemented outside of PPCC regulations and employees and contractors working for ADI has complained  against any form of bad labor practice. The projects are as follows:

  1. Construction of Rigid Pavement for the National Port Authority
  2. Renovation at JFK Hospital:
  3. Exterior Façade Improvement
  4. Eye Clinic
  5. Renovation of Maritime Facilities at Maritime Institute in Marshal
  6. Construction of Administrative Building for NASSCORP, 24th Street Sinkor
  7. Renovation of Police accommodation Block building at LNP Barrack Camp Johnson Road
  8. U.S. Embassy Duct Buck Construction
  9. Construction and Renovation of VIP/Business Lounge Terminal-B at Roberts International Airport
  10. Construction of backup center for Central Bank of Liberia
  11. Construction of the Anatomy laboratory Building and palava huts for students A.M. Dogliotti College of Medicine, UL
  12. Construction of GT Bank Building, 13th Street Sinkor

We wish to state that our investigation has also establish that the strayed and pseudo attacks against the reputation of ADI Contractors is being sponsored by a gang of rival construction companies that are overwhelmed by the kind of quality works undertaken by the company for which ADI has ranked very high in the construction industry.

Given the trend these pseudo and strayed attacks has taken the Grand Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in Liberia state categorically that it will expose the identity of companies that are bent on sowing seeds of discord in the construction industry in an apparent attempt to satisfy their personal whims. We also want to use this medium to call on the Minster of Public Works, Hon. Mobutu Nyenpan to be mindful of this gang of Construction Companies classified as poor performers in the construction industry of Liberia and whose ultimate aim is to undermine bigger companies that have demonstrated quality work performance as the case of ADI Contractors.

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