Chinese Embassy provides training for 25 Liberians in elevator management

By Nicholas Dweh Nimley (People’s Daily Online)

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The People’s Republic of China, through its Embassy Commercial Office near Monrovia, has provided training for 25 Liberians in the field of Elevator Management and Technology. The training, which will be held in Changsha, Hunan Province, will last for one month.

Since January 2019, more than 450 different training opportunities have been provided by the Chinese Embassy Commercial Office, says Commercial Office Counselor Li Jiang.

Counselor Li explained that new China-aided projects are expected in the next few years and that these projects will help improve the economic and social development of China-Liberia relations.

Li stated that over 2,300 Liberians had acquired training in vegetable plantation, rattan and bamboo weaving, broadcasting, stadium facilities, automobile repair, and architecture in Liberia over the last five years.

He said that China is looking forward to promoting collaboration and making progress with Liberia in the years to come.

Albert D. Dossen, an elevator technician at the Liberian Senate, praised China for providing another opportunity where Liberians can acquire professional skills in elevator maintenance.

Dossen said he had been one of the beneficiaries of such training provided by China. Following that training, he gained employment at the Liberian Parliament, House of Senate Maintenance Department.

“I want to thank China for opportunities they continue to provide to Liberians. If it had not been for China, I wouldn’t have been employed at the Liberian Senate,” Dossen told a group of colleagues who will depart for China on Oct. 29.

The 25 Liberians are from the Ministry of Youth & Sports and the Liberia Elevator Association.

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