Amid Apostle Snorton’s Sexual Allegation, Philadelphia Church Ministries Issue Statement

Press Statement By The Philadelphia Church Ministries

Apostle D. Franklin Snorton

The Philadelphia Church Ministries International Inc. (“PCMI”) has expresses deep concerns and disappointment over the news of the alleged rape of a young lady by one of its Senior Ministers, in person of Apostle D. Franklin Snorton.     

The leadership of PCMI says Apostle D. Franklin Snorton is the Senior Pastor of the Philadelphia Church In the City of Kakata, Margibi County, Republic of Liberia.  He has served as a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for over thirty (30) years with the Philadelphia Church Ministries and remained in good standing up until the alleged rape allegation. The Church says the news of the alleged rape, whether true or not, is unsettling because rape is unchristian and represents a betrayal of the trust reposed in a man of God to cater to God’s children who are entrusted to his care to nurture and teach in the ways of the Lord.  

The Church says, as a Christian Body, it does not condone any acts of violence against women/girls, children, and humanity as a whole. Sexual abuse is in no way tolerated by the Church. These allegations are very serious and deeply disturbing. The Church is therefore demanding and would support a thorough and complete investigation in accordance with due process of law.

Additionally, the Church says while it deems a speedy and impartial trial as cardinal, it is also concerned about the well-being of the alleged victim and extends prayers for she and her family, as well as for the family of the alleged perpetrator.

The Church asserts that since the matter was reported, the PCMI considered it a very graved allegation and initiated an internal investigation which is still ongoing, while at the same time, it has been cooperating and supporting the ongoing investigation by law enforcement.  The Church leadership further asserts that as a law-abiding Christian Institution in Liberia, it respects the rule of Law and prays that this matter will be handled expeditiously through the legal process, so that due process can be rendered and justice prevail.

While this matter is yet unresolved, it encourages all Philadelphia Churches to continue to uphold Apostle Snorton and the family of the alleged victim in prayers as this matter is being investigated.

The Church says that as a reputable Christian Ministry, and contrary to speculations abounding on social media and in other circles, it wishes to pursue only the rightful, proper, and legal means to adjudicate this matter for both the present and future record. Furthermore, the Church also says it has made no attempt and will make no attempt to take this issue from the courtroom because it remains resolute and adherent to the rule of law.    

The church remains prayerful that a speedy, fair, and transparent trial will lead to the right outcome and that justice will be served.

Signed: Apistle Nathan G. Paul/Secretary General-PCMI

Approved: Bishop Dr. George D. Harris/Presiding Bishop-PCMI

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