Amid November 14 Run-off Election, Endorsement See Endorsement, Endorsement Hid

As candidates in the pending November 14, 2023 run-off election between the two leading political parties, the Democratic Change (CDC) of incumbent President George Manneh Weah, and the Unity Party (UP) of former Vice President, Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai, endorsements for their respective presidency by political parties seemed to be overwhelming.

Presidential candidates in this run-off election are doing all to politically secure their interest from either of the presidential candidates by trading their votes via endorsement to the candidate of their political choice.

In their bid to securing jobs in the new government after election, several presidential candidates and their followers are agreeably endorsing the presidential candidates who they believed will serve the Liberian people perfectly for the greater interest of the country.

Opposition politicians and their supporters, and the ruling establishment and their supporters on a daily basis are doing all to secure their respective positions in the upcoming government, be it the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) or the Unity Party (UP) administration.

In recent weeks ahead of the run-off, both the CDC UP have been overwhelmed with countless endorsements, with other opposition political parties’ supporters are said to be divided in trading their support for the party of their choice under the canopy of endorsement.

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