Amid Liberia’s Crowdy Elections For October 10, Who Will Qualify For The Executive Mansion?

As Liberians anxiously await the successful holding of the October 10, 2023, general and presidential elections, dozens of presidential candidates including the incumbent have been queued for the Executive Mansion, the official office and residence of the country’s presidency, but they question is who will enter that historical and prestigious Executive Mansion after the October 10 Elections.

As presidential candidates including the incumbent, President George Manneh Weah are campaigning to be re-elected or elected for the nation’s presidency, many voters including first time voters are pondering over the challenges being faced by some of these candidates who are in the race for the Executive Mansion; their hopes for the nation’s highest seat, the presidency.

After the much-anticipated October 10 general and presidential elections, ushering into power for the presidency by the Chief Justice of Liberia on that day will be only one person representing the President-elect, and his Vice President-elect with the rest in their numbers going back to their various political locations.

As our political playing filed gets crowdy by the day ahead of the October 10, with others are predicting unwanted situations during these elections, religious leaders including Pastors, Bishops and imams and prominent religious groups must now begun to pray for our country, and the electoral body of our country, the National Elections Commission (NEC) for the conduct of a peaceful elections.

Let all Liberians remember that Liberia is all that they have, let everyone of us be peaceful amid these up, and do away with those ugly things that will divide us as a nation, the beating of war drums; castigating our opponents and by saying those things that are anti-peace to each other.

Once again remember Liberia is all we have let us be peaceful during these elections.

By Joel Cholo Brooks

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