Amid Flag Day Celebration, SUP Protestors Angrily Demand President Weah To ‘Fix Liberia’

Members of the Student Unification Party (SUP), again early morning hours of August 24, Fag Day gathered before the United States Embassy in Monrovia to stage a peaceful protest to draw attention to deteriorating economic conditions in the country.

SUP, a student-based political movement at the state-owned University of Liberia, protests under the theme: “Fix The Country.” During the protest, they told reporters covering the protest their action was non-partisan, and they will formally present a petition of their grievances to a representative of the Government of Liberia instead of the U.S. Embassy as previously planned.

The petition, among other things, is calling for the immediate dismissal of three senior Government officials who were last week designated by the U.S. Administration for their participation in corruption.

Minister of State Nathaniel McGill, Solicitor General Sayma Cyrenius Cephas, and the Managing Director of the National Port Authority Bill Twehway have all been suspended by President George M. Weah following the U.S. Government’s sanctions imposed on them.

The students say U. S. sanctions against the three Liberian Government officials are an indirect indictment of the Weah Government and chanted anti-government slogans interspersed with their “revolutionary battle cries.”

The former Chairman of SUP Martin Kollie, who is in exile says SUP remains supreme, adding, “If Doe, Taylor, and Ellen could not defeat SUP, then that one footballer who is still using his legs in the Executive Mansion? Time Is Out (TIO).”

On Tuesday the U. S. Embassy issued its regular Security Alert for Americans in the country and advising that “The U.S. Embassy is currently monitoring the possibility of two different student-based anti-government demonstrations set for August 24, 2022 – Liberian Flag Day. Significant traffic and police presence may be encountered near the University of Liberia and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tubman Boulevard and UN Drive, as well as the Mamba Point area near the U.S. Embassy throughout the day…”

The students have vowed that unless the Weah Government address the issues of corruption in Government, dismissal of the sanctioned officials, justice for several individuals who died mysteriously, and improvement in security in the country, they will stage peaceful protests every holiday.

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