Amid CPP Protest ‘We Tire Suffering’, Police Arrests Man With Firearm 

Officers of the Liberia National Police during the much publicized ‘We Tire Suffering’ protest organized by the Collaborating Political Party (CPP) today arrested a man identified as Justine Zigbuo with firearm.

It is however not clear if Zigbuo who was allegedly caught with said firearm is an executive of the CPP or a personal bodyguard of Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings, head of the CPP.

According to an unconfirmed report, the firearm in question was marked with the code ‘NSA 020’.

According to sources, lawyers from the CPP including Cllr Lafayette B Gould Sr., were today seen at the Liberia National Police headquarters allegedly making arrangement for the reported release of the man in question.

Early this morning, December 17, 2022 thousands of supporters of the CPP joined a demonstration, protesting over economic hardships and President George Weah’s prolonged absence from the country.

Large protests have taken place sporadically during Weah’s five years in office, but anger over his government’s management of the economy has grown as Liberians grapple with rising food and fuel prices linked to the Ukraine war and fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Detail on the reported arrest of this man will be posted in subsequent posting.

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  1. Wleh bedell says

    Thanks for the timely and up to date information as it relates to informing people worldwide. Your consistency over the years has certainly placed you in the pantheon of top notched journalist, but Africa and the world over. Thanks ever so much and wish you all the best in your endeavors.
    Wleh Bedell Journalist, Liberia

  2. Elijah S. Ganty says

    The CPP is up for confusion, government should be very careful and security forces should be on a 24/7 alert. People who want to take state power are engaged in causing confusion.

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