Stolen Dresden diamonds from $120 million heist recovered in German police raid

The defendant hides his face as he is led into a courtroom of the Higher Regional Court in Dresden.

Berlin: German police recovered the bulk of the stolen treasures from the 2019 looting of Dresden’s famous “Green Vault” during a raid in Berlin in the early hours of Saturday.

Police special forces and public prosecutors found and secured 31 items from the $120 million heist in 2019, German police and prosecutors said on Saturday.

They included a breast star of the Polish Order of the White Eagle and an ornate diamond head-dress, authorities said.

Their return followed negotiations between prosecutors and defence lawyers for the Germans who are on trial for the November 2019 break-in at the Gruenes Gewoelbe (Green Vault) Museum.

In all, the pieces stolen from one of Europe’s greatest art collections contained more than 4,300 diamonds with an estimated value of more than 113 million euros ($US120 million).

Forensic police are examining the scene of the heist at Dresden’s Green Vault.

‘Priceless’ jewels stolen during daring heist at Dresden museum

Prosecutors believe the thieves sawed through part of a window grating in advance and reattached it to get into the building as quickly as possible during the heist.

The returned pieces will be examined by specialists “to confirm their authenticity and intactness,” authorities said.

Pieces still missing include an epaulette on which a precious stone known as the Dresden White Diamond was mounted.

Source Reuters

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