A Passionate Letter To His Excellency The President: Pan-African Edition X Justice And Accountability – Twin Bedrocks For Sustainable Peace And Development

Rev. Dr. Abraham J. Williams (Clergyman/Human Rights Advocate)

Your Excellency Sir,

I would like to commence this piece by propounding that most, (if not all,) of the horrendous Civil Wars and Conflicts that have been, and continue to be fought for about half a century now, in Africa, are mainly, as a result of legal, political and societal injustice and massive Corruption with impunity in Governance and the Public sector. Although the very grotesque outcome and conduct of any could not be justified, these pretexts are glaringly the root causes of our senseless and gruesome wars.

With most of the Wars and Civil conflicts fought in Angola, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda, being brought to an end, the salient fact is that instability still brews in most parts of these countries, largely because the major root causes of these conflicts either still persist and/or are becoming more entrenched in most of these conflict ridden nations.

This has made me to deeply ponder over what can be defined as real “Peace.”

In my view, “Peace” is not just the absence of active war and conflict, or the silence of war guns, the termination of gruesome and atrocious killings, or the visible end of all civil strife and acrimonies. Rather, it is the repositioning of the “Rule of Law” as the pre-eminent pedestal of an equal and just society, without regard to persons and disparity for none. It is also the equitable and fair provision of all basic necessities and amenities of life by the national and public leaders to their respective citizens, given all the available local and international resources – such that everyone is given the fair and equal opportunity to develop and maximize his or her gifts, talents and abilities to their zenith.”

That is why, as a Rights Advocate and an Anti-Corruption Campaigner, I absolutely support the establishment of “The War and Economic Crimes Court” in Liberia, Sierra Leone and everywhere in Africa (and the World over). I even further believe that, even though due process must always be given to everyone, these courts must be duly instituted as Exclusive fast track Courts; so that justice would be seen to be speedily served.

In fact, Corruption and Injustice only serve an exclusive and minute minority in any of our societies – however powerful, influential and affluent they may be. Therefore, allowing them to continue with impunity is unfair, and a complete disservice to the majority of our citizenries, especially the common, downtrodden and disadvantaged in our societies. And any President and Government that does not muster the courage to fight and truncate injustice and this “Herculean monster” of corruption, can never deliver sustainable peace, good governance and substantial development to its people. Incontrovertibly, we can glaringly observe that poverty, bad governance and under development are bedfellows with corruption and unjust societies. It is an aberration that “our corrupt African leaders and public servants are often richer than the countries they serve, and even use their public positions to exploit the masses and nations they vouch to be serving.”

I would therefore like to particularly applaud the resolve of Presidents Paul Kagame, John Magufoli, Muhamadu Buhari and Julius Maada Bio, (among others), to unflinchingly fight this monstrous African embarrassment to its reasonable end. And I would also like to encourage them and others that even though “Corruption” will certainly fight back vigorously, (as PLO Lumumba says), as long as they remain dogged, and with the assurance of “the ultimate triumph of good over evil,” victory is guaranteed, with God on our side.

Let me end up this piece by again calling upon ECOWAS, SADEC, AU, EU, UN system and all regional and global rights and anti-graft actors, to consider elevating “High and Rampant Corruption” as a “Crime against Humanity” – since it systemically tramples upon the fundamental “right to life” s countless peoples in Africa and the world over.

End Impunity to “War and Economic Crimes!”

Best regards,

Apostle Dr. Abraham Williams
(Rights / Anti-Corruption Campaigner)
Contact: (+231) 777128502   

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