A new history is written as the gospel is spread through the successful 100,000 Graduation Ceremony of Shincheonji

An unprecedented event of this world – Increase of 100,000 congregation members in one year.

Born again as a congregation at level of knowledge of a pastor through the 6 months bible study.

“Geometric increase, not the power of men but God“

“100,000 people were evangelised and studied the bible study course and this all happened within 10 months. This is not the power of men but God. This is only possible because God is together”

Shincheonji Church of Jesus Graduates 100,000 Students Worldwide

Shincheonji, Church of Jesus, The temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (Chairman Man-Hee Lee, Shincheonji, Church of Jesus as below) hosted the successful ‘100,000 Graduation Ceremony’ on the 10th where 100,000 people officially were registered as congregation members and wrote a new history in spreading the gospel.

The total number of the graduates on this day was summed up to 103,764. Notably, the evangelism rate of these graduates was confirmed to be 142%, which indicates the geometric growth of Shincheonji, Church of Jesus is at hand.

SCJ hosted the graduation ceremony of Zion Christian Mission Center Class 110 on this day. Graduation ceremony was held simultaneously in different parts of the world due to space restriction. The metropolitan cities, Busan Andrew Tribe training center, Gwangju Peter Tribe temple and three other domestic cities and 112 countries around the world including USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania also participated in the graduation ceremony.

The graduation ceremony signifies the official registration as the new church members of Shincheonji, Church of Jesus after completing 6 months of bible studies at Zion Christian Mission Center which is a free bible education institution run by Shincheonji, Church of Jesus.

Mr Man-Hee Lee, the chairman of Shincheonji, Church of Jesus, emphasised at the graduation ceremony that “In the Book of Revelation, the secrets of the kingdom of heaven that God has to fulfil is recorded. It is said that the scripture cannot be broken. Revelation that was recorded 2,000 years ago must be entirely fulfilled as it is written”

He also said “There must be physical reality that appeared according to the Book of Revelation. The purpose of God is to create the Kingdom of God by harvesting the ripen fruits from the seed that was sowed 2,000 years ago. God creates God’s new kingdom and new people with those people who are born with God’s seed today.”

Chairman Lee continued stating “The world that is created at the time of Revelation is the world of Shincheonji. There is the new heaven and new earth recorded in Revelation chapter 21. It means one generation passes away and the new generation comes.”

Chairman Lee strongly emphasised saying “Since it is God’s grace that you are graduating today, you must thank God and Jesus. For we believe in God, we should be the glorious light as God’s family and his children. Also, we must understand the bible perfectly. This is what we must do.”

Aaron Kim, as a representative speaker of the graduates, introduced himself as a missionary who was born to a family of three generations of pastors working in Brazil. He said that “the most heartbroken thing while I was studying at the Zion Christian Mission Center was realising the fact that ‘I was the one who had been teaching people false truth’”

He asked us “How can I ever wash my sins calling myself God’s pastor but yet sowing the seed of the devil?” and strongly stressed out “Now I am putting myself fully on the work of evangelism and harvesting and repay back the grace to God and Jesus who delivered me forever and ever.”

Suji Choi relayed on in her speech “I was devoted to my church more than anyone else and witnessed the reality of the religious world working at the Christian Broadcasting System. I watched all the videos made by Christian Broadcasting related to Shincheonji, Church of Jesus and knew all the rumors floating around in the internet. Still the reason why I am here today is “Shincheonji, Church of Jesus, The Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony’ is the promised temple of God and the only place where the word of life comes out at Jesus’ second coming”.

Regarding this graduation ceremony, having 100,000 congregation members in a year is said to be the most unprecedented event not only in the Republic of Korea but also in the whole world. It is as though 10 churches with 10,000 members have been established within one year.

Especially, it is significant to understand that Shincheonji, Church of Jesus is only possible to enter after finishing the 6 month education and having to pass the graduation examination. Not only becoming passive believers who simply listen to the sermon but having 100,000 congregation members who can preach gospel at a pastor’s level indicates this will lead to a great movement inside the Christian religious world.

Shincheonji, Church of Jesus, Zion Christian Mission Center has a very strict graduation guidelines as the students must progress in Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced level covering from Genesis to Revelation and the graduates must achieve more than 90% mark in the examination that is taken after completing each levels in order to graduate.

While traditional churches mainly focus on the moral teachings or history, the point that Shincheonji, Church of Jesus emphasizes is on the prophecy and its fulfillment, focusing on checking the physical realities. This leads to an outlook that there will be changes in the fundamental viewpoint of life of faith within the Christian religious world.

A person from Shincheonji, Church of Jesus commented “Having 100,000 graduates all over the world at once is the most unprecedented event in the world. Furthermore, there are about 200,000 who are at their studies currently and with this trend, the number of Shincheonji, Church of Jesus will exceed 1 million members within 3 years.”

He continued to say “100,000 people were evangelised, studied the Bible and graduated within 10 months. This is not the power of men but God. It is only possible for God is together” He also emphasised that “According to the promise of the Bible, the waves of changes in the religious world have already begun and they will only move more rapidly in time”

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