Hunt For Senior Citizens: Johnson Kwehson Visually impaired, 106 Years Old Tells His Story

By Mack Rogers In Grand Cape Mount County |

This week we traveled to western Liberia, specifically in Grand Cape Mount County where we have found our senior citizen; a visually impaired senior citizen in his 106 years old.

GNN Grand Cape Mount County Correspondent was able to locate great grandpa Johnson Kwehson, born on November 12, 1914 in Grand Bassa County and traveled to Grand Cape Mount County in 1941 at the age of 27, and later on returned to his home County, Grand Bassa County in 1960 when his father passed.

Speaking through an interpreter, Grandpa Kwehson narrating his story back to Grand Cape Mount County said in 1974, he returned to the County, and further looking forward to celebrating his 106th birthday on November 12, 2020. Currently two of his senses have already left him, sense of seeing and the hearing which is very low.

Given his glaring picture of his days, Grandpa Kwehson narrated how he saw both Presidents Edward J. Barclay and President Williams V.S. Tubman, he said when he came to Cape Mount, the area call Sinje today, he met only four houses, no roads from vehicle to ply, and noted that he stayed in that County the construction of motor road was constructed given birth to the arrival of vehicles in that County.

He explained that he lived on farming, pit-sawing, hunting, and doing blacksmith work as a young man to survive, and further said he married three wives who gave him nine children, but unfortunately all three of his wives died.

Speaking further, Grandpa Kwehson said his biggest worry in life now is food, good health until his maker can call him to go and have a rest; his only son is his ‘Walking stick’ taken him around due to his blindness.

Old man Johnson Kwehson is the junior boy of his late father, who also was called Johnson Kwehson, Sr., during his stay in Grand Cape Mount County, he managed to establish a town along the Abraham Banbagela Highway call Old man Johnson Town, just 5 minutes drives away from Sinje Town.

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