Zelensky Responds Furiously to Donald Trump’s ‘Peace Plan’

President Zelensky has reacted angrily to Donald Trump’s so-called plan to stop the war in Ukraine, saying if the former US leader “has got some smart ideas” he should “share them with us.”

In an interview with CNN, the Ukrainian president was asked what he thought about recent comments made by Trump in which said he could negotiate an end to the full-scale invasion “in 24 hours.”

Trump has repeatedly made the claim in recent months but has not elaborated how he would actually achieve it, merely saying that all he would have to do is “get them in a room” and “say certain things to Putin” and “say certain things to Zelensky.”

Asked about the plans, a visibly agitated Zelensky speaking in Ukrainian said: “If he’s got some smart ideas, he can share them with us, of course. He can publicly share his idea now, not waste time, so as not to lose people, and say, ‘My formula is to stop the war and stop all this tragedy and stop Russian aggression,’ say how he sees it, how to push Russia from our land. Otherwise, he’s not presenting the global idea of peace.”

Zelensky concluded that “the idea is how to take the part of our territory and to give Putin, that is not the peace formula.”

CNN host Wolf Blitzer then asked Zelensky if Ukraine was ready to cede territory to Russia.

Switching to English, Zelensky replied: “We’re not ready [to give up territory to Russia]. But the question for Trump – or to someone else, maybe it’s not his idea – is ‘is the United States ready to give up terrihttps://www.kyivpost.com/post/21803tory after Putin has said he would use nuclear weapons?’

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