Yes Indeed, Liberians Should Not Be Spectators In Their Own Economy, As President Weah Reechoes

By Joel Cholo Brooks

As Liberians struggle to overcome some of the challenges being faced in securing job opportunities over foreigners despite of their enormous lack of job opportunities, the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah in Sanniquellie, Nimba County following a weeklong National Cabinet Retreat reechoed his national call, noted once again, “Liberians will not be spectators in their own economy”.

This call by the Liberian leader has been overwhelmingly welcomed by many Liberians including even some foreign residents, who are describing the President’s call has been most ‘Nationalistic’, adding that if this call should be realized, Liberians themselves must see reason by being committed to what they want to do for their country.

President Weah’s statement at the well-attended gathering was held at the Sanniquellie City Hall drew huge applaud from the audience, lauding the Liberian leader for his nationalistic and patriotic note to the Liberian people that they will never be spectators in their own country under his administration.

With this call by the Liberian leader, foreign owned businesses, and companies must not see this as denying them the opportunity of investing in Liberia, but rather their investment must be based on the rules and regulations released by the Liberian Government to do business in Liberia.

Liberians must be given the opportunities to openly and freely invest or do business in their own country, and should not be overlooked due to the lack of adequate funding, and consider their foreign based partners above them due to inadequate funds to do similar businesses in Liberia.

Yes indeed, we, Liberians should not be spectators in our own economy and in our  country, lets help to be our own country; provide jobs opportunities to the millions of jobless Liberians who are on a daily basis hustling for jobs for their livelihood.

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