Wretchedness Of The Late DCP Alexander B. Saye’s Family Deepens, As there seems To Be More Questions Than Answers

L/R: Sampson Pennoh and the late DCP Alexander Saye

Family members, friends and the media have taken aback of Police report which has indicted that the Grand Gedeh NSA Commander Agent Sampson Pennoh in the reported murder of former Deputy Police Commissioner (DCP) Alexander B. Saye which occur in December 2020 seems to be creating more questions than answers.

According to police initial statement, DCP Alexander Saye mistakenly shot himself dead with his service weapon, while the second statement noted that DCP. Alexander Saye’s was murder by Agent Sampson Pennoh, National Security Agency Commander of Grand Geddeh County. The government has remained tight-lipped, independent security experts linking the killing to a terrorism network.

Eugene Sambolleh

DCP Saye along with the manager of the Chinese Mining Company Randy Scott, NSA commander Sampson Pennue, and Eugene Sambolleh.

Eugene Sambolleh and Joseph Osseili, agents of the Executive Protection Service had gone to the mining camp to settle dispute among the workers and management of the mining group, according to the police.

All of these men according to eye witness were fully armed as Randy Scott who is said to be an ex-agent of the EPS has been noticed constantly carrying armed, NSA commander Sampson Pennue, Eugene Sambolleh and Joseph Osseili both, according to investigation are currently agents of the EPS.

The Nation Times, a local media outlet said it finds the final Police report which has charged EPS Agents, Eugene Sambolleh and Joseph Osseili with illegal possession of firearm and NSA commander Sampson Pennue with murder is unacceptable by leaving out the weapon that Ex-agent Randy Scott was carrying.

Joseph Osseili

The Nation Times in its report alleged that there was One Hundred Thousand United States Dollars given by the Chinese partners to the officers with was in the possession of their Liberian counterpart Randy Scott.

Information gathered that DCP Saye requested that since he was the high-ranking officer on the ground, the money should be turn over to him thus irritating Randy Scott causing the death of Alex Saye.

NSA commander Sampson Pennue was scapegoat into succumbing to the incident because Randy Scott, Eugene Sambolleh and Joseph Osseili all served together at the Executive Protection Service before.

The Nation Times gather that the National Security Agency requested that the Liberia Nation Police turn over all the weapons collected on the scene along with the bullet that killed the late DCP Alexander Saye to the United States Embassy for a total forensic analysis to determined which gun was discharged.

Randy Scott

The Nation Times also alleged that up to this time the Liberia Nation Police has turned the case close charging innocent NSA commander Sampson Pennue with murdered letting the actual killer to walk sky free.

Base on the one side investigation, the 7th Circuit Court in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County presided over by Judge Sikajibo A. Wollor has granted bail and released from detention Sampson Pennue, a National Security Agency (NSA), officer accused of killing a Police Commander Alexander B. Saye.

The accused Pennue have however pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder and a subsequent motion for bail filed by his lawyer, he was released from prison.

Defendant Pennue requested for a bench trial where the Judge serves as trial of facts and law at the same time.

The release on bail of the NSA officer on charges of murder, has sparked wave of controversies, but the Court blamed the Liberia National Police for  “Wrongful Investigation” in the murder case.

The court said following hearing into legal arguments by both defendant’s lawyers and State Prosecutors, Police investigation failed to establish specifically who among the four men that were in possession of firearms, shot and killed the Police Commander.

The Court said the police investigation also failed to show that the four firearms underwent ballistic tests.

The defense lawyers for the accused NSA officer filed a six-count motion and key argument was that to establish murder, there must be an intent to commit murder and with malice.

“The police failed to point where did he intentionally with malice shoot and kill the victim if only it was/ has been scientifically established and the police investigation failed to speak to how did they arrive at the conclusion that it was movant/defendant who discharged his firearm when they five men including the deceased that resulted into his death without conducting ballistic tests on the various weapon that were named in the indictment.” the Defendant’s lawyers said.

State prosecutors also filed a six count resistance to the defendant motion, arguing that the burden of showing proof is not evidence or the presumption not great now shifts to Defendant to establish in court that the evidence gathered by the Liberia National Police is not convincing compelling and overwhelming to hold him for the commission of heinous and infamous crime of murder and therefore should have been denied bail.

But the Court however denied prosecution resistance and granted the defendant bail and ordered his release from prison pending the trial.

In its ruling the court said the defendant showed that presumption is not great or proof is not evidence and that he poses no fight risk for the fact that he is citizens of Liberia with family tie especially in this jurisdiction, therefore the application for the admission to bail shall be granted.

And that defendant Pennue shall provide the appropriate criminal bond in keeping with law and shall be released from further detention and shall attend all court hearing consistent with law.

Story Credit: Nation Times

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