Why Falling is Good – In Life and In Politics

Dr. James F. Kollie, Jr.

Usually, we are tempted to believe – to our own peril – that when we are on our “high horse,” the many praise singers we see are indeed admirers and “loyal foot soldiers.” We think that we have arrived and everything has changed. We think we are the messiah that they have been waiting for. At least, they make us feel that way. These praise singers will tell us all the nasty things about those who were on the high horse before us. What we fail to realize, and again to our own peril, is that those praise singers who are stepping on our predecessors today have been around for many years and have sang praises to others just as they are doing to us today. The reason why we don’t realize that they will soon be stepping on us as they are on our predecessors is mind boggling. Maybe we even believe that we are better and smarter than all our predecessors put together.

This is why I believe that before we deceive ourselves into thinking that we are better than those who came before us, let’s try falling and see how the praise singers will treat us. My proposition is that, even if you will fake it, FALL. It is important in life and in politics to FALL. By falling, you will have the benefit of being alive to see how deceptive men are. You may be surprised that even those who were singing your praises were probably plotting your FALL. Even if they weren’t part of the plot, you will soon see them run to the new rider of the “high horse” and begin doing what they do best: stepping on your fallen body. Don’t let them do it to your grave.

On the ‘high horse,” people even tell you that you are better than your boss. That it will soon be your time to become President or Minister or whatever else is higher. And if you close your circle to only those careered praise singers, you soon start behaving like there is no bottom or there is no down. For everything that rises, there is a sure but eventual fall. It is the law of gravity. Others were there before you; and others will have to occupy that post and so it goes without saying that you will have to vacate. One day!

But in order that you are balanced and not deceived, try to FALL or fake one just so that you know and understand men. Remember what was done to Jesus, the Christ! One moment ‘they’ sang His praises and the other, ‘they’ chanted that He be crucified. ‘They’ were the same people.

Or you can learn from the FALLs of others and be careful. You should always be aware that we will all get down from the “high horse.” Some of us may slip and fall; others maybe pushed; and still others just by the law of gravity. In any case, ‘they’ will be there to malign us, And people may believe them (not trust them) because they were close to you.

Please take a moment to fake a fall so you can learn…

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