“We’re Proud Of Cllr. Jonathan Fonati Koffa’s Developmental Initiatives’ Grand Kru Citizens Declared

By Joel Cholo Brooks*

HonClr. Jonathan Fonati Koffa sits in the Deputy Speaker’s seat ready for his legislative business

My interaction with citizens with one of Liberia’s political subdivisions, Grand Kru County established some 36 (1985) years ago during the historic celebration of this year’s World Press Freedom day in Barclayville, the county’s capital city was indeed an interesting adventure.

The celebration of the World Prees Freedom Day, May 3rd in the County as the Press Union of Liberia continues to decentralize its activities nationwide which also coincided with the constituent tour of the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, the County’s District number two lawmaker, Jonathan Finati Koffa gave me the opportunity to interact with people from all sector of the county.

In a chat with his kinsman, Grand Kru County Seantor, Albert Chie who is also Senate Pro-Temporal of the Liberian Senator

Many of those who spoke to the GNN during an exclusive interview, overwhelmingly expressed thanks and appreciation to their lawmaker for ascending to Liberia’s legislature top position as Deputy Speaker, and also for  his tireless numerous efforts by making the county to be known amongst others,  including the establishment of an independent radio station which is situated in the county’s capital city, Barclayville.

Observing the COVID-19 Protocols

“We are happy and blessed God for given us a lawmaker who cares for the wellbeing of all regardless which district come from; his development initiatives have overwhelmed citizens of the county, we are proud of him,” Amos Blamo, a resident of Barclayville in a chat with the GNN who did not conceal his feelings in pouring praises on his lawmaker, said.

Meeting his people at all cost, taken the canoe to reach his people in the remotest part of the county

Like Amos, several others who also shared their feelings spoke similarly, including a woman who believed to be in her late 60s, Martha Nimely, who said she came from Grandcess, one of the provisional cities of the county to witness the celebration of the World Press Freedom Day and to see some of the journalists who usually read the news local stations, said she is pleased for the election of one of their lawmakers as a Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Religion without border, meeting with the Muslim groups in the county

“Despite I came to witness you the Liberian Journalists celebrating their day, I also came to congratulate the Honorable (Jonathan Fonati Koffa) for his good work, I also here to allow the Press to extend by appreciation to him through you, the journalists for his good work been done here for us,” Nimely told the GNN as she beeped with smile said.

Being received by students in the county

As I continue my journalistic gait throughout the city center of Barclayville on that warmly afternoon, the youth and the elderly could not withhold their thoughts regarding the goodness of their lawmaker, many of those who spoke to the GNN considered as a man without borders due to his numerous contributions towards the improved livelihood of the people.

Attending a service with the Liberia media during the observing of the World Press Freedom Day celebration at the St. Peter Claver Parish in Barclayvill

His generosity was not only felt by his political supporters, but also drew the attention of all religious groups, including the Muslims and Christians; his givens went all across every sector of these religious groups.

As friend of the media, he also found part of the celebration of the World Press Freedom Day

During our celebration, the Deputy Speaker considered as friend of the media addressed this historic day calling media to be more objective in their reportage if they are to be considered as members of the forth estate, and further cautioned them not to compromise their professional duties for anything as their Journalist’s Creed warned, indicating that, “That that clear thinking and clear statement, accuracy and fairness are fundamental to good journalism,” HonCllr. Koffa told journalists.

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