“We Hear Your Cry” – Diaspora Sinoe Citizen Craves For Supreme Court Bench, As President Weah Nominates Senator Nagbe

Mr. Aaron Manneh Opting For The Supreme Court Bench

Following the nomination of Sinoe County Senator, Joseph Nagbe who is also a legal practitioner to replace retired Justice Philip Z.B. Banks at the Supreme Court of Liberia as Associate Justice, another diaspora Liberian in the United States, who also hailed from Sinoe County, Aaron J. Manneh has released his intent for this prestigious position.

In a communication to this news outlet, Mr. Manneh in his letter to his fellow compatriots under the caption: “We Hear Your Cry” said he has been called upon to contest; see below his letter:

“Dear fellow Sinoens:

My name is Aaron J. Manneh. I am your former police officer who was assigned to late Superintendent Nelson Broderick and a former Chief of Office staff to our late Senator, T. Lawson Draper. I also served as Assistant Internal Affairs Minister for Administration and Operations.

With the nomination of one of our current Senators Joseph Nagbe by President George M. Weah to replace retiring Associate Supreme Court Justice Philip Banks, I have been receiving several calls from friends of our beloved county of Sinoe encouraging me to contest the vacant senate seat. The same is true from my social media followers.

Our past service to the people of Sinoe while serving as a police officer and Chief of Office are fitting testaments of high standard as a public servant. We demonstrated the same at the Internal Affairs Ministry.

For these reasons, I have discussed the issue with my wife, children, and friends. The decision is yes.  They all have my back.

It is for this reason I am informing you my fellow Sinoens that I am running for the seat of Senator Nagbe.

We running because we hear your cry for the non-existence of equal fighting chance opportunities for learning and another empowerment.

So, we say to you our people of Bodae, Bokon, Butaw, Dugbe River, and Greenville, we hear your cry!

Our people of Jaedae, Jeadepo, Juarzon, Kpayan, and Kulu Shaw Boe, we hear cry!

Our people of Plahn Nyarn, Pynes Town, Sanquin District-One, Sanquin District-Two, and Sanquin District-three, we hear your cry!

And our people of Seekon and Wedjah, we hear your cry!

We need you and your support through active involvement because it is your loud cry that is the inspiration of our decision.

We say to you this is your campaign. This is your chance to make your cry into a fighting chance for equal learning and other empowerment opportunities.

The time for this to happen is now. And this begins with your involvement with the “We Hear Your Cry” Campaign.

We must turn our cry into collectiveaction through active participation by talking to our family members, friends, neighbors in villages, towns and cities as we are all bounded by Sinoe identity.

We can all make this to happen and with your help, we promise our leadership will serve as model for the entire country”, the letter concluded.

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