‘We Are Not Brown Envelope Lawmakers,” Speaker Chambers

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Bhofal Chambers,

The Speaker of the House of  Representatives, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, has assured the Liberian people  that lawmakers constituting the 54th   National Legislature are “not  the brown envelope type.”

He said members of the 54th National Legislature are committed to the  development of the country, and do not seek to jeopardize the supreme  interest of the State and its citizens.

Speaker Chambers made the statement at his Capitol Building office on  Friday when the Progress Alliance Movement of Liberia honored him for  the ‘Best Leadership  Performance’ he has demonstrated since taking  office.

The Maryland County lawmaker also said in order for the Coalition for  Democratic Change (CDC) Pro-Poor government to achieve its objectives,  there is a dire need for the three branches of government to work  together.

He admonished lawmakers to put aside their personal differences and  place the interest of the country higher in an effort to promote  peace, unity and reconciliation.

He said the recent cheap propaganda meted out against him by some  lawmakers will not deter him from working for the country.

He said he and other lawmakers will rally around President George  Manneh Weah in order to achieve the Pro-Poor Agenda for Development  and Prosperity in Liberia.

In remarks earlier, the National Chairman of the Movement, K. Mamadee  Keita, said his organization decided to honor Speaker Chambers  following an independent survey about the Speaker, which reveals his  outstanding leadership ability and competence.

Chairman Keita said Dr. Chambers’ patriotic engagements in the  discharge of his official and constitutional duties and  responsibilities are relevant, primary requirements of the Pro-Poor  Agenda of the Weah-led government.

Keita said nationalism and patriotism which is key to good leadership  practices have always been the guiding principles of Speaker Chambers.

Keita said since his ascendancy to the post of Speaker, Dr. Chambers  has demonstrated a high degree of leadership ability and tolerance in  the midst of negative propaganda which is a normal part of the  political process, not only Liberia, but across the world.


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