US Senator Blocks $40 Billion Additional Assistance to Ukraine

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul (pictured) on May 12 blocked the adoption by the upper house of the US Congress of a bill providing additional assistance to Ukraine for a record almost $40 billion. Paul is confident that the country “should not throw it out the door” and leave this huge help to Kiev.

“And the presence of a special inspector general – we did it in Afghanistan – didn’t stop all the waste, but at least made the crooks think twice before stealing the money”, – TASS quoted the American senator as saying.

Paul demands that a clause be included in the draft law that would oblige the White House to create an office of a special inspector general who would control the provision of military assistance to Ukraine, as was the case in Afghanistan.

Paul stressed that he “swears allegiance to the US Constitution, not to any foreign country, no matter how much I sympathize with [him]”.

“We cannot save Ukraine by dooming the US economy”, – the senator pointed out.

He calculated that since the beginning of the year, United States aid to Ukraine has exceeded the budget of the US State Department. The flow of money into Ukraine could further spur rising inflation.

On May 11, the House of Representatives of the US Congress approved the allocation of an additional package of assistance to Kiev for a record amount of $39.8 billion. Moreover, this document was signed promptly. Earlier, the American leader addressed the House of Representatives and the Senate about the support of Ukraine, and asked to speed up the decision-making process.

At the same time, the Americans expressed indignation at such unprecedented support for another state against the backdrop of serious economic problems within the country.

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