US House Republicans set first Biden impeachment hearing 2 days before government shutdown

Hearing Sept. 28 as Republicans look to begin impeachment process against US president

Michael Gabriel Hernandez |

WASHINGTON – Republicans in the US House of Representatives announced Tuesday that impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden will begin next week — two days before another potential government shutdown.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer said the hearing will take place Sept. 28. It is not expected to raise new evidence against the president, but will instead focus on rehashing claims previously made by Republicans.

Comer told CNN that witnesses are still being lined up, but that he expects a financial expert and a constitutional expert to address the panel when it convenes next week.

“It’s an informative hearing where we’re going to have some experts in different areas of the law that can answer questions pertaining to specific crimes, as well as to educate and inform exactly what an impeachment inquiry is, and why you do an impeachment inquiry,” Comer told CNN.

A panel spokesperson told CNN that the committee plans to issue subpoenas to Biden’s son Hunter, and the president’s brother, James this week at the earliest. The committee would seek financial and other personal records, said Comer.

The White House issued a stark rebuke to the Republican plan. It said the hearing is an attempt to distract from Republicans’ “chaotic inability to govern and the impacts of it on the country.”

“Staging a political stunt hearing in the waning days before they may shut down the government reveals their true priorities: to them, baseless personal attacks on President Biden are more important than preventing a government shutdown and the pain it would inflict on American families,” spokesperson Ian Sams said in a statement.

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