US Envoy Encourages Liberian Government To Jump-Start Economy

Ambassador Christine Elder

The United States Ambassador accredited to Liberia, Christine Elder, is encouraging the Government of Liberia to boom its economy to serve as a sustainable path to lifting Liberians out of poverty.

Speaking at programs marking the 242nd independence anniversary of the United States at its Embassy near Monrovia on Wednesday, Ambassador Elder said the United States government shares the Liberian government’s sense of urgency in moving the country’s development forward.

She recommended that broad reforms and bold steps to inhibit corruption are needed to transform the business climate, attract domestic, regional and foreign investment, to grow the economy and seek further fiscal and monetary stability.

“We as Americans were proud to work with Liberia and her partners in preparation for the historic elections, helping capacitate its security sector, the National Elections Commission, media, judiciary, political parties and civil society to enable them play their essential roles,” the American diplomat pointed out.

She said the induction of a new president in the presence of both a retiring president as well as the unsuccessful candidate for the office was remarkable.

Ambassador Elder noted that successful economies in Africa have mastered a balancing act that creates a combination of laws and incentives that deepen the relationship with companies that are cornerstones of their economies.

She added that it also attracts new businesses in the country while providing government needed revenues and creating domestic jobs, especially for youths.

According to her, Liberia will attract investment and jobs by opening its economy, not by narrowing it.

She hailed the American officers, who are ending their tours in the coming days and weeks, for their efforts to strengthen the US bilateral partnership across a range of areas.

Source: LINA

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