UP Clarifies JNB’s Statement On CDC’s Elections Rigging

The Unity Party has clarified recent statement made by its political leader and Standard Bearer Joseph Nyuma Boakai when he Said  if the elections are rigged, there would be no country, he is NOT saying that he and his supporters will  wipe out the country.

“What he is saying in effect is set against the backdrop of the terrible performance of the Weah government over the past years – complete disregard for our Constitution and laws (unconstitutional impeachment of Kabineh Janeh,etc) , excruciating poverty, extra-judicial and ritualistic killings, broad-day corruption, the KUSH-epidemic facilitated and enabled by Weah and operatives of his government that is essentially wiping out the young generation of Liberians and depriving them of a decent future”.

A statement posted on the social media page the Unity Party said “In essence, rigging elections will place the country in the hands of incompetent, wicked, corrupt, and visionless George Weah for 6 more years, and the downslide and retrogression that would ensue as a result, are tantamount to not having a country. That is what JNB meant and that is why he is asking partisans and supporters of the rescue mission to protect their votes to prevent our dear country from sinking further into the hellhole created by Weah and his cronies.

JNB is a statesman and a man of peace.  In fact, despite repeated utterances and insinuations from the CDC and its operatives that they are entitled to a second term, hook or crook, and despite public concerns about the manner the NEC is proceeding, JNB continues to give the commissioners of NEC the benefit of the doubt. In an interview few days ago in Gbarpolu, which was reported in the September 22, 2023 edition of FrontpageAfrica

The statement said, JNB expressed confidence in NEC to perform the tasks they have been assigned.  He noted, “The seven commissioners of the NEC took an oath to serve their country, and I have confidence that they will do so honorably. They too are Liberians who want to see a better society. They have a duty to fulfill, and we trust that they will do it.”

It is paradoxically appalling that partisans, supporters and apologists of the CDC would now focus more on taking statements made by JNB and others, aimed at preventing rigging, out of context, and seem to place less significance on what rigging of elections has done or could do to our dear country. Those who orchestrate the stealing of elections essentially wage war against the people and the Constitution of Liberia.

Elements who maybe planning to steal elections are those who really want to plunge Liberia into chaos.

Those who warn against the stealing of elections and urge their supporters to protect their votes are those who want peace and tranquility to prevail in Liberia.

So, JNB and the Unity Party Alliance call on  President Weah and all Liberians and interested stakeholders to commit to free, fair, transparent, and peaceful elections in line with the expectations of the Constitution and laws of Liberia.

As a Party, we remain fully committed to the Farmington Declaration on nonviolent elections in Liberia.

We are very confident that H. E Joseph Nyuma Boakia will be elected President of Liberia based on his record of service and vision for the transformation of Liberia through Agriculture, Roads, Rule of Law, Education, Sanitation/Health and Tourism, the statement signed by UP National Secretary General, Amos Tweh clarified.

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