Two Women In Custody After Baby Found Un­con­scious in Manhattan Hotel

By Spectrum News NY1 New York City |

Police are investigating and two people are in custody after an infant is found unconscious in a Manhattan hotel room.

Police say a hotel employee called 911 after noticing the baby wasn’t moving while the women were trying to book a room around one o’clock this morning.

That’s where they found 4-month-old Dominic Greene of Wilmington, Delaware.

A 26-year-old and 24-year-old were taken into custody for questioning.

One of the women is apparently the infant’s step-sister.

The two were allegedly incoherent when officers arrived, and drugs were found on the scene.

“I saw the police coming in and then I saw the police trying to respond to the baby and then that was it. They were just standing there; he didn’t even cry or anything. Just standing there. A police woman was responding to the baby saying come on, trying to resuscitate him and all that. It was heartbreaking,” one hotel guest said.

Police say there were no obvious signs of trauma.

The baby was taken to NYU Medical center where he died.

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