Two 40 Foot Containers of Fishing Nets Arrive in Monrovia – Ahead of Free Fishing Nets Distribution Across Coastal Communities

Kru Paddling Canoes Operators and Fishmongers on Grand Cess Beach in Grand Kru County

As part of efforts to empower local fishermen across Liberia, the government of Liberia through the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority (NaFAA) has disclosed the arrival of a huge consignment of internationally recommended multifilament or thread fishing nets. The arrival of the nets is part of World Bank sponsored project for Sustainable Management of Fishery resources.

A press release quoting the Director General of NaFAA, Madam Emma Metieh Glassco says the consignment of thread nets are in Monrovia for free nets exchange program which only affect licensed fishermen using paddling or Kru canoes

The NaFAA press release added that the free nets exchange program will begin in Montserrado County with fishermen in fishing communities such as Banjor, Popo Beach, West Point and King Gray.

This means all fishermen using the rubber nets or the monofilament nets will be required to turn over all their rubber nets to NaFAA team during the free distribution to receive the thread nets or the multifilament nets.

NaFAA says after a successful net exchange program and consultation with fisher folks, it shall ban the usage of monofilament or rubber nets in Liberia.

At the same time, NaFAA states that only fishermen who have been paying their fishing license fees since 2019-2020 (past 2 years) will be qualified to receive the free nets. Fishermen who have not paid their fishing license fees since 2018 will not receive the free fishing nets and they will no longer be allowed to use the rubber nets for fishing purposes.

The rubber nets are dangerous to the fishing environment and other aquatic resources.

Meanwhile, the free nets distribution will shortly be followed by the free Yamaha motorized engines distributions to Kru canoes or paddling canoes operated by fishermen in Liberia.

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