Robert F Kennedy Jr. was reportedly approached by Trump's campaign 'early on' in the election cycle, with an insider saying they 'wouldn't rule it out'

Trump campaign made ‘early on’ efforts to recruit RFK Jr. as running mate


  • Trump’s team reportedly reached out to Kennedy ‘right out of the box when Bobby announced’ his presidential candidacy in April 2023
  • A source said despite Trump and RFJ Jr looking like an unlikely combination, ‘anything’s possible… I wouldn’t write it off’
  • It comes after Trump teased that he has already decided on his running mate, but refused to name names

As Donald Trump cruises to the GOP presidential nomination after winning the first two Republican primaries, speculation has turned to who he may pick as his running mate.

But those in the former president’s orbit reportedly made ‘early on’ attempts to recruit a surprising contender – former Democratic candidate RFK Jr.

The now-Independant presidential candidate caught the Trump campaign’s eye ‘right out of the box when Bobby announced’ his run for the White House in April 2023, insiders told the New York Post.

‘Trump operatives expressed an interest in Kennedy early on, but it was all premature,’ they said. Despite the unlikely combination, the source clarified: ‘Anything’s possible. I wouldn’t write it off by any means.’

While Kennedy may not be out of the running, Trump cryptically told voters earlier this month that he has already picked his running mate – but refused to name names.

Kennedy initially ran for the Democratic nomination in the spring of last year, but dropped out and ran as an independent in October as he argued the system was rigged to automatically nominate President Biden.

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