Travelers to Egypt Complain Of High Fees, Others

Egyptian Visa Sample

According to GNN investigation, the Embassy of the Republic Egypt in Liberia has reportedly increase its fees for travelers leaving Liberia to Egypt from US$35.00 to US$65.00, while applicants to that Country were told to bring medical reports from specified health centers in Monrovia and its environs.

Our reporter who visited the embassy to ascertain the facts concerning the abrupt increase in fees of visas and other requirements, said a number of Liberians from both the private and government institutions including members of the Liberia Chamber of Commerce who are to attend a trade fair in Cairo, Egypt this month were baffled over these new fees being introduced by the embassy.

Some of the applicants many of whom were disappointed, said they were taken aback of this, asking applicants to visit specified hospitals or clinics for their medical reports before given visas for their trip to Egypt, “At the hospitals or clinics where we went, we were told charged exorbitantly for our medical reports to be released; some of us cannot even afford to meet up with embassy’s health requirements for visa,” an applicant who preferred not to be named told our staff.

Efforts to speak with authority yesterday at the embassy did not materialize, as our reporter was told that the person responsible to speak to the media was out of the office. However, despite the waiting for several hours by our reporter, the person did not return up to closing hour.

However, investigation on this issue continues

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