The Pope Francis’ Intervention Requires: As Liberia Engulf With Political Crisis, Ahead Of June 7 ‘Tensioned’ Protest

Pope Francis

As Liberians fearfully anticipate the much talk about June 7, 2019; in eighteen days, the intervention of the Holy Father of the world, Pope Francis has been craved by Liberians for a prayer to be offered in the wake of the pending June 7, protest.

Some Liberians who spoke to the GNN in sampling interviews last week, said Liberia is once again threading what they believed to be “A dangerous path”, required an earth-shattering prayer in order for this day, June 7, 2019 to be a peaceful day.

“Even though I am not a born-Catholic, but a renowned Christian, I want to use this platform to call on the Holy Father of the world, Pope Francis to come to our rescue by offering a prayer alone with our local religious leaders for Liberia, “This is very serious, earthshattering prayers is urgently needed to save this state,” Rachel Togbarlee in a chat with the GNN stressed.

As for a 96-year-old Jeremiah Toe, a resident of the slum community of West Point, said he is worried of what is about to unfold on June 7, 2019 in Liberia, noting, “I am afraid of these days generation, “A Thunderous pray is required; repentance is also needed, Liberians have wrong their creator, God, and must see the reason of repentance, the leaders who were chosen have refused to listen to the wisdom of God, and are doing their own thing,” Old man Toe speaking to the GNN noted.

Over the past weeks, group of praying warriors, mainly women have been gathering on the grounds of ‘Fish Market’ opposite the former Liberian leader, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, offering prayers to the nation calling for a prevailing peace to the people of the nation, “This Father must pray for us come June 7, we’re tired of hardship, and other unbearable situation in our country including the increased exchang rate on the Liberian market,” Jonathan Soko, II, speaking in an interview lamented.

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