Support House Deputy Speaker Moye Third Term Bid For Bong County District #2 Swells

Deputy Speaker of the House, Rep. Prince Moye

“We will endlessly prevail on Representative Prince Moye seek a third term in the House of Representatives despite his early announcement that he would not seek reelection in 2023,” Jerome Flomo, a resident of Gbarnga, Bong County speaking to the GNN over the weekend said.

Recently, Representative Prince Moye, the man who gained a reputation for crafting a bill for the establishment of electoral district #2 in Bong County, announced Saturday that he would not seek re-election in 2023, setting up a scramble to replace him.

But Jerome Flomo who claimed to be a permanent resident of Gbarnga, Bong County in an exclusive interview with the GNN, graded Representative Prince Moye who is the current deputy speaker of the House of Representatives as one of the best lawmakers in the county, “We will prefer him to seek third term due to his knowledgeable legislative eligibility; his tenure over the years have been appreciated and laudable”, Mr. Flomo told our Correspondent in an exclusive interview.

Speaking at a recent news conference in Gbarnga, Moye said the decision not to seek a third term was to give others the chance to serve, stressing said, “The people of electoral district two have been generous to me. Electing me to serve two terms is commendable. I am deeply grateful, but now it’s time for someone else to have that privilege. “I will continue to serve with the same spirit during the remaining years of my tenure.”

However, Rep. Moye also disclosed that he is not ruling out the possibility of seeking elective position outside of district two.

“I don’t know what the future will bring. Nothing is impossible,” Rep. Moye added.

Moye’s decision not to seek re-election will mark the end of political dominance in the district that has span 12 years. He was first elected in 2011 when he won with 60 percent of the votes from a race of five candidates.

He got re-elected in 2017, winning with 65 percent of the votes.

Rep. Moye opted fully for public service in exchange for his job as Procurement Director at Cuttington University. His first foray into active politics was in 2011.

In his first tenure at the National Legislature, he distinguished himself as the Co-Chairman on Ways, Means and Finance before going on to become chairman three years later – a foremost committee of the House of Representatives.

In other to retain his stronghold on Bong County, during the build-up to the 2018 senatorial by-election, he handpicked former Cuttington University president Dr. Henrique Tokpa, not minding that the Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor also had her own anointed candidate in District Three lawmaker, Marvin Josiah Cole.

The election was dubbed a proxy political fight between Rep. Moye and the Vice President – the two senior government officials in Bong County – as to who is popular.

Being tagged the “ultimate decision maker” in Bong County; his candidate won the election with 6,800 votes difference.

During the electioneering campaign period, Rep. Moye transverse the length and breadth of the county, along with Tokpa, employing all the machinery to canvass support for the chosen candidate.

The success of the Senator Tokpa has been credited to Moye, as he mustered all the financial and human resources at his disposal in ensuring his victory.

Rep. Moye has risen from being a Bong County political leader to a national leader, at whom many shall look upon. His status as Deputy Speaker has attracted a lot of developments not only in Bong County but Liberia.

In Bong County’s fourth district, Rep. Moye is collaborating with the district’s lawmaker, Robert Womba, is constructing an elementary school in Zota District. He recently, with the collaboration of Dennis Garsinii, a Bong County citizen based in the United States of America, brought into the country a consignment of drugs valued at over US$250,000.

Besides, Rep. Moye is working with seven of the eight lawmakers in Bong County to initiate projects in their districts.

“I have always been a team player. Working with my colleagues to help them achieve their legislative promises doesn’t only bring respite to me but makes me feel achieved as a lawmaker who wants to the best for my county,” Rep. Moye said.

Rep. Moye said he is also helping his colleagues from different counties to achieve their legislative promises.

“I have intervened in community-driven projects initiated by my colleagues in Grand Bassa, Nimba and Margibi counties. Remember, the Legislature is all about teamwork.,” Rep. Moye said.

Personally, he is constructing a state-of-the-art high school with a vocation annex. The School compound has a Clinic, Staff Quarters, A Cafeteria, Chapel, and Radio and Television Stations. When completed, it will be the first of its kind in Bong.

Moye is the second Bong County lawmaker to announce plans not to seek re-election in 2023, after District Five’s lawmaker, Edward Karfiah.

Rep. Moye’s decision to not seek a third term in district two has set off a scramble among some prominent citizens of the district. Joshua Better, Rep. Moye’s Chief of Office Staff,  has announced his decision to replace his boss, while Jefferson Blackie has announced his intention to contest in the district.

FrontPage Africa has also gathered that Edward Gboe, former National secretary of the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA), was recently petitioned by residents of the district.

David Karchue, the commissioner of the district, said he is leading a campaign to petition the lawmaker to seek a third term in the district.

Karchue said the District Two lawmaker has distinguished himself over the years and allowing him to go would create a leadership void.

During Rep. Moye’s tenure, Commissioner Karchue said, the district has witnessed massive development.

“We didn’t have a Commissioner’s compound, now we have it; Rep. Moye has provided for his people solar lights. The developments are countless to mention.”

David Gbenequelleh noted, “Although I’ve never supported Moye, but losing him will be a minus to this newly created district. Moye will not go. We will beg him.”

For another supporter of Moye Ayoub Bility, “Moye will continue to determine who their community support in elections in Bong.”

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