THE NATIONALISTIC TALK: Focusing On National Toiletries Incorporated

By: Joel Cholo Brooks |

Headquarters of the National Toiletries Incorporated

Ideally located on the Monrovia/Kakata highway, the National Toiletries Incorporated (NTI) a 100% Liberian owned produces Paper towels, Napkins, Tissues, Baby pampers, Hand soap, and Laundry soap is gradually helping to boost Liberia’s economic growth by promoting the Liberianization policy introduced yesteryears ago, and also putting Liberia in par with other industrial nations in local production.

Chief Executive Officer of the National Toiletries Incorporated, Mr. Fumba Trawally

Touring the factory of the National Toiletries Incorporated, the team of GNN staff was indeed impressed due to the level of investment made by the Chief Executive Officer of the NTI, Mr. Fomba Trawally, appearing very sample in his well-designed attire well seated behind his executive deck, Mr. Trawally spoke of his business quest to be extended to other neighboring countries after covering the entire fifteen counties with his company’s branches.

Mr. Trawally in a hanshake with President Weah

Speaking to our team, the NTI boss beeping with smile bragged of his success story, and further expressed explicit confidence to current and successive governments for the level of security protection provided for businesses including his investment, the National Toiletries which has employed dozens of Liberians who can now boost of economic growth at their various homes.

One of the many certificate won by the NTI for its professional work

Interestingly, during the tour of the state-of-the-art National Toiletries Incorporated factory of Mr. Trawally who has totally visualized gender equality by employing many women who are competing with their male counters by in every aspect of both the mechanical and electrical services.

Some of NTI locally made products

Some of the women who spoke to the GNN during the tour of the factory, expressed gratitude to the Chief Executive Officer of the Company for affording them the opportunities to venture into mechanical and electrical services, which they noted has added more value to their skills in pursuit to improving their livelihood to feed their family and enable them to send their children to school through their monthly income at NTI.

Women at work at NTI

Speaking to one of the ladies who is in charge to the repair of generators and other electrical works at NTI, and preferred not to be named, lauded the Chief Executive Officer of the National Toiletries Incorporation, Mr. Fumba Trawally for his quest to see job provision for all, especially his kind human relationship with his employees was also welcomed at all times, according some of the employees who spoke to GNN.

Another product of the NTI out for advertisement

“We appreciate Mr. Trawally for his motivational ways of approach to many of us; he made it his duty to encourage many of us to be where we are today, by making life better for our families,” a female employee in a chat with the GNN said, pouring praises on her boss.

One of the Awards won by NTI displayed on the deck of Mr. Trawally

“I was not doing anything prior to coming to the National Toiletries, my husband was the only breadwinner for a family of nine until I came here to seek employment, fortunately I was opportune to have been successful, now I have a job to help my husband in feeding our family, I am indeed grateful to Mr. Trawally for his generosity,” Sarai Toe, a university graduate, and one of the ladies at the NTI speaking to the GNN said.

Women at work

Like Sarai, other women who were noticed being very busy at their respective assignments also lauded their boss for affording them the opportunity to be employed at NTI to earn CASH for their livelihood.

Reflecting on his dream, Mr. Trawally said he started the business with very little equipment and resources since 2013 with so many challenges affecting the upliftment of the factory. He named issues of constant competition with imported toiletries commodities from around the world.

Huge pile of tissues produced by NTI

He said there is at most a difference between commodities that are Liberian made and foreign imported items and goods but with the challenges on providing standard for the Liberian economy the competition which had being about 30 percent has now increased to about 60 percent of the products selling on the market.

“Though the materials are imported, production are done to suit the market, and to bring a low cost best for the our people”, he says.

One of the senior displaying the locally made tissues at the factory

“Transportation of the commodities to the leeward counties is another problem we are faced with especially during the rainy season which in now in Liberia but we can assure the public that we are going to provide our products no matter what”, he adds.

Man at work at the water factory of NTI

Mr. Trawally further commented that his workforce had been very little but is increased to about 160 persons. Since the establishment of the facility which had been just one sided factory, it has increased to about three different facility separating the items that are being produced to provide fast production for these commodities.

The workforce which seems to be dominated by Guineans and few Liberians allegedly reported that whenever there is issues of health with any employee working within the factory, the management lay them off without benefits but Mr. Trawally refuted statements of any mistreatment of his staff or equipment operators in the factories.

Another worker, who decided to remain unnamed, and who duty is to pack water and clean plastics for recycling at the water factory said that she had just come from Guinea and is enjoying her stay and duties at the factory. She commented that since her coming to the factory, there had not been any mistreatment done to her and her colleagues that she remembers.

Another scene at the NTI factory

As the National Toiletries continues it efforts to provide products on the market at the so called minimum price and cost according to its CEO and providing jobs for Liberians in different factories duties they can boasts of a company that just began with only one machine and a one sided factory to what it is now with a company using standard equipment serving the Liberian people.

“We will continue to help and provide Liberia Made Commodities to turn the Liberian Economy to a more competitive one in the near future”, says the CEO.

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