LIBERIA: WASH Media Presents Covid-19 Audio and Video Messages to WASH Commission

WASH Commission Chairman, Bobby Whitfield receives the thumb drive with COVID -19 Messages from WASH R&E “Media” Chairman, Augustine N. Myers

The Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Reporters & Editors Network of Liberia (WASH R&E) “Media” Network has officially presented WASH Covid-19 audio and video awareness & prevention messages to the National WASH Commission.

The messages are produced in Simple Liberian English, Standard English and in 3 of Liberian local languages or dialects – Bassa, Kpelle and Vai.

According to WASH R&E “Media” National Chairman, Augustine N. Myers, the messages are part of the Network’s Covid-19 Response, with support from WaterAid on awareness, prevention and sustained handwashing against the Coronavirus.

Mr. Myers said the messages are the already approved prevention and awareness messages by the government of Liberia, through the Health Ministry and NPHIL but only reproduced in Simple and Standard English, Bassa, Kpelle and Vai in video and audio.

The messages formulated by WaterAid and reproduced by WASH R&E “Media” are designed to always educate the public on the preventive measures of the coronavirus.

The Chairman of the National WASH Commission, Bobby Whitfield receiving the package of the Covid-19 WASH Messages, commanded the WASH Media Network for the efforts and farsightedness to join the fight against the coronavirus.

Mr. Whitfield described as commendable, the  thoughtfulness of the WASH Media to work with development partners, specifically WaterAid for special Covid-19 audio & video messages in Simple and Standard English, including Bassa, Kpelle and Vai languages.

The WASH Commission Chairman assured the leadership of the WASH R&E “Media” Network that the Commission will utilize the messages along with other partners in the sector during this global health crisis.

According to Mr. Whitfield, the messages will be used by the Commission to reach out to the people of Liberia in line with the WASH Pillar with the aim of preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

He further noted that the messages will be forwarded to the Incident Management System during their meeting that will include the next Incident Management System Report to be submitted to President George Weah.

The WASH Commission Chairman said in his the Report to the President, WASH R&E “Media” Network activities will be highlighted per its contributions to the fight against the coronavirus, among others.

The nine Covid-19 audio and video awareness & prevention messages in Simple Liberian English, Standard English, and in three of Liberian languages/dialects (Bassa, Kpelle and Vai) are currently aired on five radio stations and three television stations in Monrovia, and two radio stations in Grand Cape Mount county, respectively.

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