Pastor McCarthy Weh, a Public Sector Director, Resident of Police Academy Community, Paynesville

The Legislative Information Service Dissects ‘Kingmaker-Ship’ In The November 14 Elections

The Legislative Information Service (LIS) places brief spotlight on what we refer to as “kingmaker-ship” from perspective of the 2023 elections. Since 2011, kingmaker has become a catchword after every election in Liberia.

So what is kingmaker? To which in this short write-up we have added ‘ship’ thereto. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, kingmaker is “one having great influence over the choice of candidates for political office.” Wikipedia for its part defines kingmaker as “a person or a group that has great influence on a royal or political succession, without themselves being a viable candidate. Kingmaker may use political, monetary, religious, and military means to influence the succession.” The word ‘king’  from the combined word kingmaker as used generally here refers to head of a country (president, king, etc.)

Speaking of kingmaker, let us emphatically state herein that God Almighty, the Creator of man or humankind is the SUPREME KINGMAKER. Daniel 2:21 in part states “…He removeth kings, and setteth up kings…” Also, Psalm 75:7 says, “God is the Judge. He putteth down one, and setteth up another.” These and other verses of the Bible speak categorically that it is God alone who judges; accordingly, He decides who will rise and who will fall. When He does, “none can stay His hand, or say unto Him, what doest thou?” Daniel 4:35b. This means when God acts, no man questions Him. The Most High ruleth/deals in the affairs of men, and giveth it to whomever He wills” so says the Prophet in Daniel 4:17. Therefore, GOD IS THE SUPREME KINGMAKER.

But because He uses man as vessel, it is man who actualizes His will on earth as spoken of in these verses. Sadly, when men are used to actualize God’s plan on earth, they tend to share God’s glory with Him. And He says in His Word, “I am the LORD: that is my name and my glory and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images” Isaiah 42:8. When God uses man as human vessel to perfect His will, it is for one KEY REASON as found in the next verse (9). IT IS FOR HIM TO DO NEW THINGS. Isaiah 42:9

So when God uses man, in this context, politically, through the electioneering processes, per se, and he actualizes His purpose, it is what we call “kingmaker” or better still, political kingmaker.

So let us take a brief look at who, some people, if not all, may call the kingmaker from the 2023 Run-off Elections. One thing kingmaker-ship does is that it places spotlight on political wisdom – whether one applies wisdom in having a kingmaker on his/her side; or if political wisdom was not effectuated in having a kingmaker on one’s side; or even retaining or maintaining a kingmaker on a particular side. We put up for another day that debate.

Let us now look at the figures as captured in the attached LIS table-pager. Kingmaker-ship is largely drawn from the differences in votes or if you may, vote margin. Hence, we dissect below vote margins in the November 14, 2023 Runoff Election between President Weah and Former Vice President Boakai:

  1. President Weah/CDC

President Weah and the CDC received 135,859 vote margin from the six counties in the South East (Grand Gedeh, Maryland, Grand Kru, Sinoe, Rivergee, and Rivercess); and 15,060 from Bong and Grand Bassa Counties; totaling 150,919 vote margin.

      II. Former VP Boakai/UP Alliance

Former VP Boakai and his UP Alliance got 77,212 difference in votes from six counties (Lofa, Montserrado, Margibi, Bomi, Cape Mount and Gbarpolu). The Alliance also bagged a whooping 94,193-vote margin in Nimba. In total they obtained 171,405 margin.

III, In securing the kingmaker’s positioning, we first subtract the lowest from the highest. Therefore, we minus the CDC’s 150,919-vote difference from the UP Alliance’s 171,405-vote difference; we have a balance of 20,486.

IV, Now this is the catch! The MDR/Nimba support was at no time initially with VP Boakai in little over five years. It only happened on the “eve” of the October 10 Elections. Assuming that the Nimba votes would still have been in the locker of the CDC up to 10 October! That means the Alliance could not have secured such astronomical numbers. Therefore, subtracting the Nimba’s number (94,193) from the Alliance’s total number (171,405), the balance would have been 77,212 representing votes in difference from the six other counties. Insufficient to secure win.

  1. Void of the Nimba’s votes, the South Eastern-vote difference alone of 135,859 (Bong and Bassa not included) swallowed the entire UP Alliance’s votes (77,212) from six counties with a difference of 58,683.
  1. The Nimba’s votes, which would have been in the safe-deposit box of the CDC,had they not parted ways, then became the RESCUER for the Alliance. When added to the Alliance’s 77,212, the number of course did balloon to 171,405; thus overwhelming the CDC’s with 20,486 margin.


The figures as used here do not suggest in any way that the numbers would have been the same had the chemistry not changed. Intended to provide clue!

For those of us who do not view life’s happenings from only earthly perspective, but rather, also and even more from spiritual dimension, we firmly hold the view that kingmaker(s) must be humble. This is because God who deals in the affairs of men as expressed in Daniel 4:17, uses them to perfect certain will on earth for Him. Hence, humility is a cardinal virtue. This is why God says He does not give/share His glory with another. He removes kings and sets up kings as mentioned earlier.

When He uses a person or group of persons, it is for the glory and honor to be accorded Him. Kingmakers and beneficiaries can reach some understanding. But must be done within the ambit and peripheral of humility and reasonability. If God takes His breath of life from a ‘supposed kingmaker’, he/she will not be alive to “make king.” Therefore, all political kingmakers must be sensitive to recognizing God as the ULTIMATE DOER and them as the human instrument.

From accounts of happenings in the run to the October 10 Elections, one would conclude it had the hand of God. The elections remind me of II Samuel 15:31 and 17:14 wherein God caused confusion between Ahithophel and Absalom by making the former to give foolish counsel to the latter. This was after David prayed as reflected in II Samuel 15:31b. Who knows how many and what kind, type or manner of prayers went up to God? Who know? God does whatever pleases Him to achieve His purpose, especially ehen His people cry unto Him. In Exodus 3:7, God told Moses I have seen the misery and heard the cry of my people. At that stage He does His will.  Isaiah 44:25 states that God can even make diviners mad, turn wise men backward, and make their knowledge foolish. All sorts of things occurred in the lead to the October 10, 2023 Elections. Were they as the results of God’s people crying unto Him? Or it was on the principle of the “fullness of time?” Galatians 4:4 saysBut when the fullness of time was come, God sent forth His son….” At that juncture, nothing stops God! So let us review the flow of happenings of events before and during the elections up to the release of results:

  • Confusion broke out between President Weah and Sen. Johnson right on the eve of the elections. Misunderstanding ensued between and amongst the four parties of the CPP, which led to break-up.
  • The manner and form the Musa Bility-Nyonblee-LP confusion unfolded, which led to disenfranchising Sen. Lawrence from being selected.
  • Thus paving the path for Sen. Koung’s selection (political wisdom)! And,
  • the way President Weah conceded, when final results were still pending, and some supporters anticipating obstruction.



LIS on Kingmaker ship and kingmakers THE 2023 ELECTIONS                                                                                                 Director Weh (Pst.)/23.11.23

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