A Pillar of TRUST and A RECONCILER…The Presumptive Speaker Of The 55th Legislature…

Written By Matthew Wesseh

The name Hon.Cllr J. Fonati Koffa continues to resonate not only in the legal corridors of our jurisprudence but also at the first branch of government the National Legislature of Liberia and at the international global stage evidence by his recognition by a International Firms called Reputation Poll International, a global reputation firm naming him amongst the “100 Most Reputable Africans ” of 2023.

This recognition stands as a testament to his integrity, influence, a team leader, a trust worthy icon and a bridge builder and has committed himself to public service in ensuring a positive change in Liberia. In addition to his his international portfolio, Hon.Cllr. Koffa was invited to the African Business Leaders Submit in Dorchester, London to present a white paper on Business and Investment in developing countries.

As the 55th Legislature embarks on electing a leadership of the Legislature the name Hon.Cllr J. Fonati Koffa stands out tall amongst would be competitors and admitting without assuming the man Hon.Cllr J. Fonati Koffa is posed to be the next Speaker of the 55th Legislature of Liberia. Hon.Cllr Koffa has an outstanding academic credentials and an international profile and portfolio evidence by many international accolades.

The debate of having a regional and balanced government would be squarely settled by the election of Hon.Cllr. J. FONATI KOFFA and it would be a prudent decision on the part of the ruling party to present Hon.Cllr. J. FONATI Koffa as a consensus candidate because he cuts across every political divides and  he has a magnetizing human relationship and has proving to be a humanitarian par excellence .

After going thru a heated political process leaving behind a deep divide, misfeelings and grudges the man Hon.Cllr. J. FONATI KOFFA has the skills and charisma to serve as the bridge to bridged said divide and or division roaming our political corridor and landscape.

Hon.Cllr. J.Fonati Koffa is a leader who sees beyond party and tribal lines and has positioned himself to ensure a Positive Change across Africa’s oldest Republic the Republic of Liberia.

I wish to crave the indulgence of our newly elected Legislature and those that were reelected by their respective constituents to elect the man call Hon.Cllr. J Fonati Koffa because he stands as a Pillar of TRUST and A RECONCILER; as we envisage a balance and regional governance structure.

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