Ten (10) Sad Realities Of Politicians In Liberia!!

By Eshiaka J.Kromah |

When Politicians Are Entrusted To Serve Their Own People,They Utilize That Opportunity To egotistically Pamper Themselves With The People’s Entrusted Resources.

After We Have Voted Them Into Power, Instead Of We Being Emancipated Through Economic And Social Welfare Per Their Manifestos; We Are Being Emasculated Because Of Their Uncontrollable Palate And Desire For Wealth At The Expense and Detriment Of Poverty Stricken Mass Of Our People.

We Vote Them In Order For Us To Be Luxurious In In terms Of Economic Freedom And Social Leverage, But Of The Opposite, We Continue To Dwell And Dwindle In Excess Penury Because Of Their Homo-Economicus Tendency For Wealth.

Voting Politicians In Liberia To Serve Their Own People Is Like Giving Them The Will To Embellish Themselves With The Public Funds. Without Adequately Fulfilling The Onus Of Their Offices.

Instead Of Politicians Serving Us(The Liberian People In General),We Are Serving Them As With Nothing In Return. This Not A Different From Neo-Colonialism In Nature, Rule Without Responsibility But Exploitation Of People.

They Come To Us With Sugar-Tones To Vote Them Into Power, But When They Are Voted; They Call Us Noisy Minority!

When They Are Elected, The Organic Laws Of The Land Become Rarely Inapplicable On Them; They Become Above The Constitutional Confinements.

Petite Cash Given To Supporters At Canvassing Epoch Is What Politicians Relied On And Say They Have Done Something For You In All,  That Is Why When They Are Elected; They Feel So Complacent. Beware Of Petite Cash!

When They Are In Need Of State Powers, They Are Down To Earth But When They Are Elected, They Bring You Down To Earth.

They Become Accessible When They Want To Ascend To Public Offices And Become Hectic To Interface  With You At times As Constituents Or Electorates.

Politicians Are Very Narcissistic and Egotistic In My Country-Liberia!

Until These Traits Of Our Politicians Are Extincted, We Won’t Attain The Adequate Dividends Of Our Votes From Them Interns Of Swift National Progression And Transformation.

Note: Electorates Have To Be Very Careful And Cautious Of Whom To Vote For, Because It’s Paining To Elect Someone That Will Reluctantly Prioritize Your Interest.

About The Author:

Eshiaka J. Kromah Is An Emerging Writer, Student Advocate And Activist, Studying Economics At The State Run University-The University Of Liberia (UL).

A Militant Of The Indomitable Vanguard Student Unification Party(SUP). Can Be Reached At Email:eshiakakromah@gmail.com Cell Phone Numbers Are: +231770364268/+231881059390.

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