Survivors of Pulse nightclub shooting are suing Facebook, Twitter and Google

Nightclub shooting in Florida month

16 survivors of the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, which left 49 people dead in the second-deadliest mass shooting in US history, are suing tech giants Facebook, Twitter and Google.

The survivors claim that the three companies “aided and abetted” ISIS. The lawsuit, filed Wednesday at the Middle District Court of Florida, claims the three companies were aware ISIS used their sites for recruiting and allowed them to “openly maintain” accounts without monitoring or blocking them. This apparently violates the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act.

The lawsuit also claims the social media giants helped support and profited from the terrorist group by placing ads on ISIS posts, thus “deriving revenue for those ads” according to NBC New York.

 The shooter, Omar Mateen, was able to view extremist propaganda on these popular websites, which the lawsuit states makes them civilly liable.

A month prior to the attack, Twitter announced a crackdown, with plans to shut down 125,000 accounts.

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Source: News Now | MaxMag

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