She Heard a Child’s Plea in Liberia, and it Turned into Schools for 1,500 Girls

Katie Meyler Liberian classroom-MoreThanMe released

It all started with a little girl. At age eleven, Abigail was selling herself on the streets of Liberia in exchange for clean drinking water. Then, she met Katie Meyler, who had left her hometown of New Jersey twelve years earlier to volunteer overseas for Samaritan’s Purse, a Christian international relief organization that supports children.

At the time, Meyler knew the challenges the country faced. A 14-year brutal civil war had left the country in shambles, including destroying over 80% of its schools. Young girls seemed to bear the brunt of the damage, with more than 40% of those aged 10-14 never attending school, and, many of them like Abigail, falling prey to violence.

Seeing Katie as a potential lifeline, Abigail begged her to help her get into school. Desperate to help, Katie turned to a friend she met in Monrovia, Erica Noelle Duncan, who was a business consultant and coach. Erica knew immediately that Katie’s passion and drive gave her the ability to do something concrete. Soon after, More Than Me was born.

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