Nightmare Of Liberian Journalists As One Mysteriously Murder In ‘Cold Blood

Tyron A. Brown, a journalist working with a local radio station in Monrovia – Super FM – has been murdered

The news of the mysterious death of a Liberian journalist, Tyron A. Brown, whyo prior to his death worked for a local radio station in Monrovia – Super FM took many Liberian journalists by surprise as they all expressed fear of the mysterious of their colleague.

According to family sources, Tyron body was found early Monday on the Duport Road after serving his church on Sunday where he reportedly provided technical assistance up to his gruesome murder by unknown individuals.

Tyron’s remains is now deposited at the Abraham Anderson Funeral Parlors, while awaiting Police forensic examination.

According to reports, his body was dropped off at his residence by some men in a black jeep at about 3:00AM on Monday morning.

His belongings including cellphone, internet modem and money were found on his body.

Meanwhile, the Press Union of Liberia has expressed shock over the vicious killing of Journalist Brown.

Meanwhile, the PUL is calling for a speedy Police investigation which will include an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

According to a PUL statement, the killing of Tyron has increased the level of fear in the Journalism Community in Liberia and has further strengthened the case for self-censorship in the traditional journalism sphere in Liberia.

Until his murder, Journalist Tyron Brown worked as a reporter, Camera operator and video editor at Super FM & TV, owned by Businessman George Kailando.

Journalist Tyron Brown’s unfortunate death comes in the wake of the escalation of threats and intimidation of journalists and the independent media by some officials of government.

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